Why Religion and Science do not Mix – No

Could an omniscient spiritual field conserve quantum superposition information?

The first time i read this question my first taught was on line of ” you gotta be kidding”. Will it ever end? What does that question even means? We know what superposition information is, quantum particles knows that even better than we do but what exactly is an omniscient spiritual field? Should we dig deeper into this? OK, let’s give it a try.

Omniscient means all knowing,so by definition if there was anything omniscient then asking that question would be pretty pointless. Spiritual somehow means made of something that cannot be seen,heard, smelled or touched by anyone, thatsupposedly retain the ability to interact with the rest of the universe while the rest of the universe cannot even know if it’s there or not and most of all really but really care about you worshipping it and it even goes to the lenght of punishing you for all eternity if you do not comply with it’s instructions.

From the moment someone in our ancient past woke up and decided to call himself a philosopher humanity found itself in a deep hole filled with questions that seemed impossible to answer, at least to a philosopher. In the afternoon the new wanna be philosopher made things even worse, he chatted with his closest friend and the first priest was born.We now had one guy that would fill your head with impossible, mostly irrelevant questions, at least irrelevant to the poor farmer/hunter that just wanted to find a way to get enough food to feed his family, and a second guy that would fill the little remaining free space in your head with fear and junk.

Enter science and what’s the response of both philosophy and religion? Torture, murder oppression on an unprecedented scale and genocide. It took science few centuries to adapt and win on all sides and now we witness the diyng breath of those bible bashing rednecks that just refuse to follow the clues. As a last ditch attempt to stay alive and even look cool they try to incorporate their teachings into the scientific pictures of the real word by saying that yes science seems to provide answers but those answers are still the work of something outside our realm of perception, an all knowing and all powerful being. And yes you guessed right, this thing, whatever it is, still care so much about you that it’s gonna send you straight to the flame of whatever hell you religion believe on if you just dare to use your brain and start questioning it’s teaching.

What teaching are we talking about here? Well what about the one saying that it, or omniscient spiritual field as it probably prefer to be known, is so compassionate and loving that it will embrace you even if you are a sinner, obviously after repenting the right way? Well what good did that do to any south american pre-conquistadores civilization? well it did a lot of good, so good a word was invented to accurately describe it, they called it genocide.It continued north in what’s now the United States of America where the native Indians were dealt the same fate. The same thing happened to countless others for as long as the age of fear reigned supreme.

The age of fear is over, the age of science has barely begun and even thought our knowledge is not as yet able to answer all the questions one thing is clear, the more we learn, the more we question the more answers we’ll find. They can’t go around killing in the name of the omniscient spiritual field anymore so they try to blend in hoping to survive long enough to retaliate. They do try with silly ideas as intelligent design and other similar designed to ridicule science but they only go as far as ridicule themselves. No paper on intelligent design or on any alternative to evolution get very far, sometimes they score amusement points using law instead of science but that won’t get very far either.The age of science is here to stay, no real reason has ever been given for this omniscient spiritual thing existence and science has worked just fine without it so far, there’s no reason to expect any change any time soon. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest and let the omniscient spiritual field rest in peace.