Science Ideology and Religion cannot be Seperated – No

Can we separate science from ideology?

Science can only be separated from ideology by the definition of the two words. Otherwise, they are one in the same.  As human beings we are pronged to doubt and disbelief; however, if we see proof that would alter our way of thinking then it is more likely to become facts. This proof is where Science plays an important role in bringing us up to date on their experiments involving Ideology.

People like you and I make an observation of an event that is unexplainable, and as a result to these unexplained events, questions arise regarding proof of our observations. We then present our Ideas to scientist who study and document several experiments that helps us to understand these events.

Benjamin Franklin is a perfect example of an Ideologist who had the idea of capturing lightning from the sky by using a kite with a key to attract the lightning and harness the electricity in a Leyden jar (battery). Franklin also performed the scientific studies of his ideas which would never have occurred if it was not for Ideology. 

Many of us as Humans do not believe what we cannot see; however, we know that it is there. A prime example is the air we breathe which had been taken for granted over decades. Although Ideologist has always questioned its existence they never understood its composure until science discovered the composition of oxygen which we inhale and the composition of Carbon Dioxide which we exhale.

Through Ideology, science had later discovered a major role in “The Chain of Life” where Humans need Oxygen in order to survive. This Oxygen is provided by every living plant on earth; on the other hand, every living plant needs the Carbon Dioxide that every human and animal produces when they exhale. Without Ideology scientist would have never discovered this amazing cycle of life.

Ideology has existed as far back as Adam and Eve; although, Science was nothing more than assumptions to ideas. However, during the era of Cavemen, people were advancing scientifically; for example, the invention of the wheel  was simply a idea and was scientifically designed and crafted into a round slate of stone which was used as a wheel. What I find amazing is that this particular idea is still one of the most important inventions in today’s time. The Ideology of striking stones or rubbing sticks to create fire is also one of the leading commodities ever discovered and used tremendously in today’s time.

There is a large population of the world who does not accept the existence of a higher being, the almighty God. The Ideology of this spiritual being is based on Faith within ourselves. This faith is a spiritual pull that guides the believers in a path of righteousness. It is similar to the gravitational pull that holds a person firmly to the Earth. Although we cannot see this gravitational pull, we have faith in its ability to hold us firmly to solid ground. This is the same with the almighty God; we cannot see this spiritual pull, but many of us have faith in his spiritual ability to hold us firmly to the path of righteousness.

Science is a firm believer that the Universe was created by an explosion called “The Big Bang Theory” which was discovered by Ideology. The World as we know it today would have no idea of this explosion in the Universe without scientific studies. However, Religion believes this explosion was part of God’s plan.