Why People Hate you for Achieving Success

Sadly, this world is full haters. If you achieve success in something, there will be at least one or two people that are going to hate you. In this world, not everybody is going to like you and vice-versa. There will always be people that will have anger, hatred, and resentment towards you for some sort of reason. What could cause people to hate you for achieving success? There could be plenty of reasons. However, the most common reason is that they tend to be jealous and have nothing better to do than hate on other people.


Say that you managed to land a promotion at your work place which pays higher. On top of that, you get more benefits and your own office. It is natural that there will be people that resent you for it. If the promotion at work is in regards to your career, this is considered a major stepping stone. Overall, that should be considered as an achievement.

Why would people hate you for it? Again, this world is full of haters. They simply hate because they have no other way to express jealousy. Instead of talking with you, they will simply hate you for it.

Do they really hate you? Not really. The people that hate you for those achievements are pretty jealous. Also, they are thinking about their own inadequacies. It makes them think about the fact that you have achieved more than they have. Perhaps deep down they are scared that they may never amount to anything. That is the most common reason a person would hate you for your achievement of success. It makes them feel inferior. These people could be summed up as being sore losers. Unfortunately, the world is full of sore losers.

While that is a very common reason, there are other reasons people could hate a person for his/her success. These reasons tend to be extremely common as well. Here are some examples:

Example One:

This tends to apply to females more than males, depending on the employer of course. Say that a group of people were working hard to earn this promotion at the work place or to be casted in some sort of theatrical work/movie. They put they work extremely hard for the promotion or to get a part in the play/movie.

Suddenly, there could be a female co-worker at the job who offers sex in return for promotion. This is no laughing or scoffing matter. This is quite a serious matter. It is perhaps one of the more common examples. Because of this, the co-worker ends up getting the promotion just because she offered sex to the boss in return. There are many situations in which this scenario has happened.

The people that worked hard for the promotion get shafted as a result. In short, the co-worker “cheated” for the most part. What makes it even worse is that perhaps the co-worker was not really that hard working. That provides a very good reason that those people would hate that co-worker. I only used female as the generalization. However, one could use a male co-worker in that situation. There are also other possible things to factor in as well.

Example Two:

What if the person achieved success by constant lying and backstabbing? That is also a very common example. The people that hate that person are very scarred as a result of what had happened. They will feel anger and resentment.

Example Three:

This reminds me of high school. I learned this one girl decided to transfer to my school during the last semester of our senior year. So far, the girl went to a private school. I learned that she ended up transferring to my school simply to get valedictorian. She did not get valedictorian.

There was no hate as a result. But, there are other situations such as this in which there is much hatred. Perhaps the a group of public high school students would have hatred towards the person from the private school for coming in and swooping everything away from them.

Or, the same could be said for a group of private school students getting one upped by a public school student.


The world is full of haters. There are plenty of reasons that people could hate you for achieving success. Not all situations are the same, but, the common reason could be your success makes them feel very inadequate.