Why our Planet is Heating and Cooling and what to do about it – Increasing

Contrary to what every oil company would like us to think the world’s climate is changing. Global climate change is affecting all of us, causing our world to warm though there is a problem here, the question asks if the warm is warming, and yes, the average world temperature is increasing but this warming is causing the worlds weather to tend to its extremes. What I mean by this is that when the weather becomes cold it becomes really cold (like -40 degrease Celsius) and then it becomes really warm ( to positive 40 degrease Celsius) in these temperatures are now almost common in my area where they were a rarity not 10 years ago.

Now I live in a generally cold environment so when some naive people hear global warming they think it’s a positive thing, what they do not realize is that the world is changing in more drastic ways then just warming. These drastic changes are not only effecting out weather but also the the delicate ecosystems that  house all of our worlds species. Those of you who think nothing should be done for this problem because you think it is not a problem I would like to present you with 4 situations.

The first is a situation where the problem exists and we do something, the result of such situation is the problem is resolved and we all live happily ever after. A second such situation that the does not problem exists and we do nothing, we start with no problem so there is nothing to resolve and so once again we all live on to the future. The next situation is that the problem does not exist and we do act this would mean, that our efforts would be for nothing and so we might waste some money but no harm would be done and we would probably develop new industries which would help our failing economy.

The fourth and most dire situation is one where we the problem does exist and we do nothing, this situation not only leads us to  destroying our world the exclusive place that we know of that houses life. Are we so selfish as to not act not only for ourselves but for the existence of life itself? One can see that by not acting we are taking a fifty percent chance of destroying our world, and if we do act, we can see that no harm can be done. In fact we might avoid a situation where the future of life on our planet disappears.