Why Genetic Engineering is Wrong – No

What right do mere men have to play at being a creator? What is it that makes them feel that the intricate beauty and workings of life forms that have existed since the beginning of time need to be improved upon or changed? Job security is one thing, but there comes a place when they overstep the bounds of decency and intelligence. Why would we want to hand over our descendants rights to a future as a human being to a handful of people? Isn’t this history repeating itself … an echo of the Dark Ages? Genetic human engineering would hand all rights to a person’s body and life to the company that holds the patent on their very creation.

Genetic modifications are not for the best interest of humanity or in the interest of life on Planet Earth. They are devised as a way of promoting a higher profit for those behind the ideas. Genetically modified foods are patented seeds that are not owned by the purchaser, but merely rented. If the wind and rain should spread the genetically modified plants into a neighboring field, the farmer whose own soil was compromised with an unwanted harvest infecting his harvest has to pay the patent holder for that portion of yield that he never planted or purchased. If the farmer does not pay then the corporate giant who owns the property rights to the seed it cannot control sues the poor hardworking landowner. A simple, honest way of life is now being trod upon and contaminated by a piece of paper that owns the rights to something that will begin to change the very fabric of living plants, both cultivated and in the wild. This is good, right? This is being a steward of the earth? You should be horrified at the implications that will only be tested without any control as to what will one day change everything and not for the better. When the “testing” phase reached the point of mayhem and destruction of all that we hold magnificent and beauty in nature, the cry will go up after it is too late.

Are you all so busy within your cubicles and specialized intelligence focus that you do not see what distorted manner of control and ownership is being quietly placed on everything from your right to be informed, your right to have natural food to eat and the right to have a choice over your own destiny. Do you not see this introduction of genetic engineering on any form of life on Earth at all is a direct threat to the future of anything that lives and breathes on any spot on the globe?

This modern miracle as they would lead you to believe can end in nothing but slavery and serfdom for our grand children’s future.Does science hold the intellectual property rights to continuing life on Earth? They will if this is allowed to continue. Genetic engineering of any form of life that naturally has developed on our planet is the end of a sustainable planet. Did you want a corporation to own your rear end too? Please people, stop this while the Earth and life as we once knew it is repairable If you leave all these monumental decisions to the so called “accredited” few, you are more tuned out than you thought you might be. Define “accredited” and while you do, ponder what profit is behind this lavishing of credit.

Genetic engineering should be abolished; period. It should be made a criminal offense to tamper with the very DNA of any human race or creed, mammals, flora, fauna, aviary and amphibian life forms in existence naturally anywhere on our planet. Genetically modified food will be our next big horror. Now they play at genetically modifying human and animal life too? Is there nothing that is sacred anymore beyond the almighty dollar? It is one thing to understand what makes the human body work the way it does, but it is entirely another thing all together to feel so empowered as to propose to create it in a test tube. If you don’t stand up for your self and your family they will suffer for your inaction at some point in the future.