Why Evolution is Important now what Evolution Teaches Belonging to Earth Heals Humanity Evolve

Evolution is the science that no one wants. People are alright with light years in astronomy, okay with fossils found in geology, and even plate tectonics is not disputed, but people somehow feel a great loss came with knowing our kinship to the other great apes. This is the very reason why evolution is critically important. People need to feel the beauty and connection to life that evolution so grandly displays. Rather than feeling like the theory of evolution is a threat to humanity, it is actually a wonderful reality.

In a culture based on hierarchy, evolution came on the scene and shattered myths about elitism. People found it threatening to not only realize that all people are descended from a common ancestor to other primates, but both past and future was threatened. They also felt like their purpose, to live for an afterlife wherein salvation was granted humanity alone, was in question.

Indeed, the very nature of how the world works does put into question whether it is wise to be “above” or endeavor to master nature.  Industrialism and colonialism did not create an Eden on earth, but allowed some to prosper at a great cost to others, and to the planet. Understanding sociobiology and evolution allows people to take one step closer to finding an overall relationship to the world that is nurturing instead of destructive.

People who cannot believe in evolution simply are ignorant of what it teaches. It teaches that life is miraculous, amazing, and supportive of the living planet.  It turns out that most science is based on belonging, and learning from Nature’s laws and systems.  Yet, to this day, many people assert that the creation is not made in the image of God, but for the conquest by man.  They do not want to feel they are just an “improved upon clever monkey.”

What often happens is that they close their minds to the very idea because they feel some discomfort in it. When people open their minds, to life, to belonging, they report a wonderful release of “Ah Ha!” oneness that is often called peak experience.

Most people who really gaze into the eyes of a chimp sense their relation. In fact, as humanity is related to all carbon life forms, some people find even the kinship with their beloved cat or dog. Connecting to nature is healing and needed. The world is in peril when nature is looked upon as just bunches of commodities. Humanity hurts other humanity and other organisms when they assume all other creatures and gardens are here for controlling exploitation alone. The importance of evolution being known as the biggest idea for family reunion ever found in history, cannot be over-stated.

Opening the mind and heart to the whole world of bio-diversity is liberating and frees man from the shackles of having to either oppress others, or be oppressed. Many people still think that believing in evolution is about letting the bullies win.  The idea of survival of the fittest is so distorted, that misinformed  people widely came to think “fittest” meant superior, and social Darwinism swept firestorms of oppression and war against those considered less human.

But looking at evolution carefully shows that although in nature there is plenty of conflict, there is never a day that doesn’t dawn to show vast cooperation as well.  The sunlight cooperates with all living organisms through photosynthesis, the bee bird, bat and flower are designed to mutually co-exist and create life.  Systems such as hydrology and thermodynamics all work together to create a stunning world.  When people look at this reality of evolution, although extinctions do occur, that is all the more reason we should be thankful for what can be appreciated, respected and protected in the here and now.  For every death of every organism, there is a lot of life enhanced, and each organism is designed to nurture life, even after death. 

Nature teaches, and can forever teach, humanity; if we widen our circle of compassion as Einstein advised.  An economic system based on no waste, but only nutrients and clean fuel is a better system than one based on elites and serfs, haves and have-nots.  The idea so arrogantly acted out that is releasing enormous quantities of methane in arctic regions, driving severe weather, extinctions and dirty air, water, and soil is a “master race” based idea. The idea, that we do not have to waste, trash, or destroy is an  amazing model of nature concept that needs to sweep across the globe for humanity to take the next step back to kinship, and a higher quality of life.