How Humanity will Hear of their own Belonging in Nature

People are of course utterly dependent upon air, water, food and shelter so are still connected to nature, although the relationship is now less appreciated and more exploitative.  People no longer live, breathe and experience sources of food, water, air and even how they make a living within shared community as they once had done.

In short, people are disconnected from the voice of the earth, and no longer are able to hear it to the sacred extent they once experienced.  In addition to this, they had to have something fill the void of this human need to belong, so religion and more recently, capitalism and consumption values took over the human drive and passion.

Today, instead of nomadic, small tribe hunters and gatherers, attached to community and life sources, people live for paying their debts and accumulating “security.” Lost in a rat race, they created cities that greatly multiplied all rats, rubbish and remorse. 

Human beings did not separate from nature by choice.  Instead, it happened slowly, in such gradual steps that no one generation suddenly noticed they had left savanna and forest and were living indoors, entirely dependent upon technology. 

Some people believe it was the industrial revolution that deafened humanity.  But the industrial revolution, begun just around two hundred years ago, only accelerated the course humanity had already set upon.

Agriculture, which really took off just over 15,000 years ago, was at least as much as an influence as the industrial revolution. Prior to agriculture; spoken, and then written language, contributed greatly toward the social networking and data storage that allowed humans to pass on cultivation techniques.

Establishing cities, which then required governments, and eventually entire empires, set a system in motion that is hierarchical and traditionally patriarchal.  This all required exploitation of animals, forests, food sources and of course, other human beings.

This is the stage where people remain, in large regard, but the age of the inter-global rule by mega corporations is already under way.  Power and money are the primary drivers that keep the exploitation process alive. At the same time, earth is making her voice heard, since warming and its consequences are felt daily in disasters, famines, wars, epidemics and more.

Humankind is a very young species.  When humanity truly matures, a return to valuing the wisdom of nature will arise.  This has historically always been kept by the world’s greatest thinkers, such as Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, Newton, Einstein and Gandhi among others who have always understood the value of wilderness, the ideas of efficiency and mass and matter, and the life source of creation.

Science is a process whereby the truth of human dependency upon nature and nature’s laws allows people the choice to align with natural principles.  When and where this occurs, people once again experience the peak experience of being part of one whole, and a New Earth with awakened consciousness thrives.

Nature is by far the most regenerative and healing reality that humans can experience with their own senses. When they recognize their true belonging and no need to exploit, trash, contaminate, annihilate or any way kill that which is the foundation for all life, they triumph.  This realization is nothing short of transcendental and marks a point in human history that shuts off, temporarily, the roar and choking fumes of “development” and gives people a second chance to survive their own technological exploitation and over population.

Then science and technology can be steered instead to serve instead of to exploit.  Psychology and sociology of interactive reliance, protection, appreciation, spiritual communion and love with return humanity to the mythical garden which their exploiting sins exiled them from long, long ago.