Why do People Steal

People are not born criminals, or are they? One may never know, as there is always the nature versus nurture argument. But it is an interesting topic: how do people become criminals?

My firm belief is that some people somehow just have a criminal nature, and from early age. Yet others may suffer in terrible home environments and become criminals to survive. Let’s
look at both the nature versus the nurture viewpoints.

Nature would argue that some people are just of bad character, and predisposed from the start to lying, stealing, cheating and manipulating others. Haven’t you know the type who came from a good home where he was taught values, yet he is always seeking out trouble?

This kind of person does exist, and sometimes the reason he does the things he does is inexplicable. Kids like this often get a thrill out of breaking the rules from an early age. Maybe it starts with stealing a pack of gum at the drugstore, but then the stakes get raised higher to get the continued thrill.

What starts out as relatively harmless criminal behaviors can lead to much more serious and harmful situations. That is often the case with criminals. They start with petty crimes but graduate to far more dangerous things like home invasions.

Now, there are other kinds of people who may resort to criminal behavior because it is what they have learned in the home. There are parents who actually teach their kids to con others. While this is truly shameful, it happens.

Still other kids may become criminals in an effort to survive. Perhaps they are neglected in their homes, and steal to have enough food to eat. They may learn violence in abusive homes, and in turn engage in this kind of behavior.

Or, maybe they are so desperate for cash or other things that they resort to stealing. It is true that desperate people sometimes do terrible things.

Another reason kids may turn into criminals is that they grow up on the streets, and stealing or hurting others is a rite of passage. As sad as that is, it is common in gangs for initiations to involve all kinds of crimes against others.

Finally, some people may turn to a life of crime to feed a drug habit. Oftentimes, addicts cannot hold a job with any kind of consistency, and they then find illegal ways to support their illegal habits.

Those who resort to a criminal life often see and are a part of things they may come to regret. Many, however, get used to going in and out of prison, and accept this hardened form of life.

There is no one reason why people become like this, as clearly there are several. Whatever the reason, though,
let’s hope that some of these people can seek amends and turn their lives around before they continue down this path of violence and deceit.