How People become Criminals

There are a whole number of reasons as to why people become criminals. Some of these reasons may make no sense at all to the common man or woman on the street. For instance, somebody may become a criminal even if they have been brought up within the most loving and caring family environment.

Why should this be the case? One has to believe that greed and power come into play here. Some children, even if they have been surrounded by a loving and caring family, still go wrong. They get in with the wrong crowd, mingle in things they shouldn’t, such as drugs, and drink – which can lead onto other things to fuel their needs.

The environment in which a person is brought up can also have a tremendous effect on how that person views their life and their future. If somebody is left with no hope in life, or if they feel that life has dealt them a bad hand, then the streets become their domain. A life of criminality soon follows, with the person in and out of jail through a life of crime – be it petty or otherwise.

There is never a definitive reason as to why somebody would become a criminal. Youngsters in today’s society want all the trappings of society without having to work for it. Life becomes a kind of ‘get rich quick before you die’ type scenario, in which only the fittest survive for another day.

Is it any wonder that some people – especially our young people – turn to a life fo crime when society today is based on ‘get rich quick’? One cannot complain about criminal activity in society when it was the society that created such criminals in the first place. When we have our politicians, our leaders fiddling their expenses so that they do not have to pay tax – or spending taxpayers money on their 2nd homes, is it any wonder we have criminals?  Our young people see those who lead us getting away with murder, and so they themselves want a piece of the pie.

When we have multi-millionaire politicians not being arrested for fraud and theft of taxpayers money, that has been spent on their 2nd or 3rd homes, people ask the question why it is one law for them and another for us?  Indeed, our young people look at that and ask the question: ‘What is the difference between us and them?’

The fact of the matter is, that whether you are rich or poor, black or white, if one is going to become a criminal, or join a gang, then it really does not matter where that person has grown up. Indeed, there are many thousands of people whose childhood was certainly not the best, whose parents where poor – and, in which their surroundings left a lot to be desired.  Yet some of those people did not turn to crime.  However some youngsters – especially, becoming a criminal in such hopeless circumstances – is a natural progression.

It is their chance to shine. It makes them feel powerful, almost god-like, and many walk around with impunity. Many criminals believe that they will never be caught, and with the money they have saved through drug deals, and other illegal activity will have a put that money into offshore bank accounts [tax free of course].

And why would society complain? For those who are criminals copy what they see within society as a whole. Becoming a criminal for some, is a lifestyle choice. These are the people who may have had everything, love, care, and the best education money could buy . pathway to prison or death.

Other people become criminals because they feel they have no choice…it is about survival of the fittest. The streets are a jungle, a concrete jungle in which no one cares, and nothing matters other than the next ‘fix’ or caring about their gang that have become like a ‘family unit…only these gangs will murder their own if they see it is right.