Why are we in a Global Water Crisis

A water crisis is a nice phrase that has all of the implications approriate for bureaucracy. It is the sort of thing that happens ‘out there’ someplace else if one is watered enough to write about it perhaps. Anthropogenic water degradation and wastage is the essential reason for a crisis about water-the other would be that one is exploring and can’t find any or the rain from above hasn’t occurred for such a time that the water has dried up and gone away.

Humanity may be construed to have a bad historical record of political excellence in resource management and sharing. Those that have enough tend to be quite wasteful of abundant materials. The global population of human beings has increased remarkably the past 200 years simultaneous with technological increases that accellerate destruction of ecological habitat and acquifer reserves and quality. People do not think about the plain dust of the planet and its relationship to the plain water-people en mass do a multitude of things to degreade water quality from forcing it in to ditches instead of naturally flowing through orgamnic filters, using rivers and other waterways as sewers, dumping millions of chemical compounds and poisons in water and so forth. Fundamentally humanity is stupid on resource use and would get a grade of F on it by an impartial observer.

Politically human social reality isn’t well situated for transforming the world hydrologic cycle into one without anthropgenic maleffect as it should be. Ideally human use would be for just needed personal comsumption and elinination of treated waste products organically to harmless discharge points. An advanced society would develop such a structure yet the Earths society isn’t very advanced. It builds billions and billions of dollars worth of concrete highways, pours asphalt and increases runoffs. Human beings like to drive cars and feel the power that it gives, go to a job and get a good paycheck and all without much thought about the increasing mass degradation of the hydrologic health of the planet.

Yes their are millions of poor people without water that is of good quality and they do suffer, yet the solutions to such issues should be part of a global change toward an ecological economic posture of national sectors with complete renewal of economic needs including water. Quality should continually increase without quantitative increase of ecological biosphere loss. Today humanity isn’t near such a transition point and it will become increasingly difficult to do so as people become more numerous and desparate for adequacy of resources for survival. All people must be accounted for in political registrations and recognized as having an inalienable right for resources necessary for survival.