How to help Solve the Global Water Crisis with Social Media

The global water crisis is the world’s problem. Social media increasingly helps to play its part in this and other issues by raising awareness and raising money. Facebook, in its vast enormity, can do huge amounts for causes such as this. One only has to look at a group page where people can donate securely straight to their favorite causes. Status updates, too, can raise awareness, creating a chain of people with the same message for their friends. “Help solve the global water crisis, donate here, repost if you think it’s the world’s problem” could have thousands, maybe millions of people aware of the issue.

Sites that focus solely on petitions could also help deal with the water crisis. 38 Degrees, for example, has hundreds of petitions circulating at any one time, featuring a range of different issues. Follow a URL posted pretty much anywhere, or get an email straight to your inbox; it simply asks for a name, email address and postal code, and your name has been added to the list, which is then sent on to the appropriate authority.

YouTube videos can play their part, too. A catchy tune coupled with an enigmatic persona can often do far more for support of an issue than any lengthy essay or scientific debate. A link has only to be posted, or a video hosted on a social networking site, and it starts to be circulated, with often millions of views for a clip. Musicians, too, can play their part, thanks to social media. Millions could have heard their latest song within hours, if that song contained an impassioned message about the water crisis; people both young and old might also get passionate about the issue.

Advertising in social media is key. Whether it is an independent ad, or a Google ad, people will read it almost instantly, particularly in social networks. Most social networks are free, so advertising tends to be abundant. Money from a Facebook Causes page put toward an ad, for example, could have tens of thousands of views, and tens of thousands highly aware of the aspects of the water crisis. Let’s not forget other popular destinations on the net. A rare comic on this important issue from the likes of Explosm or SMBC and thousands will research the details of the crisis, and what they can do to help.The key to solving a crisis is making people aware. In modern times, social networking is invaluable in letting people know the important issues that face us today. Listed above are only a few of the vast array of social tools which could serve to enlighten the general populace; there are many more which could easily play their part.