Where UFOs come from

A number of sightings both in the past and recently have beenreported,  and there have been a number of explanations or theory’s as to the origin of these UFOs.

So far none have really addressed the only possible explanation for these visits. Since most of what we know about time and space relativity, it hardly seems possible that beings from another world would live long enough to travel the vast distances necessary to reach our planet.

Since no one can come forward with conclusive proof of their existance, it’s all about speculation, and one opinion is as good as another as far as where they could possibly come from. I do have an opinion that could explain one of the possibilities of where they come from, and it isn’t that far out based on what we know about time and space.

That said, I would encourage the leading scientists to at the least dispute my own conclusion as to why throughout history, we have been subjected to reports of strange crafts that do not conform to anything we have as we know it. I believe these crafts are piloted with beings from our own world, but from a very distant past. A time before a major catastrophe voided this planet of all life forms. We do have evidence of such events.

We know that astronauts upon coming out of orbit have aged a fraction slower than we on the surface. This is because the faster one travels, the slower time elapses for those aboard the craft. Average speed for a shuttle is about 17,000 miles per hour as compared to light speed which is 670,616,629 . That’s over six hundred and seventy million MPH.

At that speed, time stands still for those aboard a craft able to sustain light speed. Also at that speed, it would take about four and a half years to reach even our closest star. So in order to understand how we can best come to a reasonable conclusion such as I am suggesting, we have to assume that a highly advanced civilization has dominated this world thousands, possibly millions of years before us.

 They had advanced technology to produce crafts capable of reaching light speed or beyond. It was with these crafts that a portion of this past civilization was able to escape an impending catastrophic event which caused a mass extinction of all life on earth. We do have evidence of this mass extinction.

That said, those aboard these crafts were drifting through time at the speed of light whereas a short amount of time elapsed for them.  Century after century elapsed, possibly  thousands if not millions of years before new life as we know it has formed. But throughout history, these beings from our past would stop to visit, checking the progress of civilization which to them was extremely primitive. But not until the last fifty years would they consider a possible visit in our present time to make themselves known to us for obvious reasons.

Not until we are advanced ourselves mentally and with technology, would it make sense for them to reveal their presence. As we are nearing some form of global catastrophe, they are keeping a close eye to ensure that a segment of our population continues to survive the next catastrophic event just as they have. They are humanoids that share many similarities with our present civilization.

Unfortunately, they do age as they travel through time, and eventually they will run out of time themselves, and possibly share their technology with us to help guarantee the survival of our civilization. We have uncovered proof of highly technological evidence, that before us, there was sophisticated technology that even today we would have a hard time duplicating.

Therefore it’s not other worlds these beings come from, but rather our own planet from a distant past. One day this will be realized, and I would love for the scientific world to find a better theory that can better explain these sightings. I have also come up with a mathematical formula for using to establish just how many years of our time elapsed for each hour they age aboard such a craft. It’s based on the same principle that is used for calculating distances using the distance light travels in one year going 186,000 miles per second.

So don’t be surprised that in our lifetime, these little creatures extend their hand to us and say,
“Greetings, we come from your past.”