When is Tornado Season

Tornadoes can happen anytime of the year and anywhere, but there are a few areas that are more prone to getting tornadoes like the plains, Ohio River valley and the Gulf coast.

Being prepared for a tornado is very important, but knowing when tornado is season is more important because they are more frequent. Depending where you live, it is usually from spring to early summer.

The southern plains, a.k.a. tornado alley, has tornadic weather from May to early June. In the northern plains and the upper Midwest tornadic weather is generally from June to July. In the Gulf coast, it happens in the earlier spring from March to May.

Why is spring and summer tornado season? It has to do with the change in the atmosphere. Warm air rises causing updrafts which is what feeds thunderstorms. When low warm atmosphere touches the higher atmosphere which is really cold, the updraft forms and that makes the atmosphere unstable. In the spring, the higher air is still very cold thanks to winter, but since the sun is out more in the spring, the lower is air warms much faster.

They can happen anytime though? Yes, tornadoes can happen any time and anywhere. February 8, 2008 Ash Flat, Highland, and Cherokee Village, Arkansas was destroyed from tornadoes among many other towns in Arkansas and Missouri that night.

Though tornado season as mentioned above is generally spring and early summer, they can happen anytime of the year and you must be prepared. Make sure you have a battery operated radio, batteries, flash lights, candles, blankets and water, as well as canned rations in case the power goes out. Make sure your whole family knows and understands what to do. Go to the lowest place in your home or choose somewhere towards the center of the home away from outside walls and windows. Bathtubs with a mattress over it is a safe place, if not get down and put your arms over your head and the back of your neck. If you can and have time, turn off your gas meter. Do not go out in the tornado and if you are in your car, find a ditch and duck down into it again covering your head and neck. Some people also use the drainage pipes if there is one.

Also, if in a trailer or any type of mobile home, go to a sturdier place until the tornado watch is over, and keep all windows closed during the storm.

Be prepared for tornadoes all times of the year, but keep a close watch for weather reports on storms during this spring and summer. The weather will be changing rapidly and storms will be on their way sooner than you know.