What your Daydreams say about you

I’m a daydream believer and you know what I mean….. Daydreams are simply dissociative states. You move to an internal world where you can be and do anything you want. Daydreaming is as common as the cold.

However, daydreaming has often gotten a bad rap. I was a daydreamer as a child, and my teachers did not find it amusing. I still daydream though, and I think daydreaming in the right times can have a beneficial effect on us.

Daydreaming is similar to a hypnotic trance. You are relaxed and following your mind. You are creating scenarios in your mind that are usually positive. You are allowing yourself to dream.

Chronic daydreamers are usually very creative people. They often come up with ideas through daydreaming. So, if you are a daydreamer it says you are a creative person. Daydreaming can also mean you are a hopeful person. You believe your dreams can be achieved and visualize yourself achieving them. The following is a list of things your daydreaming may say about you.

You may be or have a:

1. Creative
2. Hopeful
3. Interesting
4. Bored
5. Contemplative
6. Goal oriented
7. Vivid imagination
8. Intelligent
9. Laid back
10. Interesting

Regardless of why you daydream, how you daydream, or what your daydreams consist of, you can know that your daydreams are not bad. While they can be a distraction from things that are important, with a little bit of control, daydreaming can be a useful function in your life.