What Lessons can we Learn from the River

In regards to issues currently approaching, rivers are a natural phenomenon to us people of today. In fact, rivers are the very beauty of life. Without such marvels of nature, we wouldn’t have water. We wouldn’t have the beautiful creatures that lurk deep within the creeks encompassing us. We wouldn’t have such a magnificent view to speculate; the warm, glistening presence of life that calms us even in the most difficult of times.

With us humans constantly and rapidly pressuring ourselves to be better people, being negative and forcing ourselves into unnecessary hardships, we really do need to reflect on this very charisma of life. Rivers are always subtle: they will always remain in that calm, soothing state. This natural beauty is really something to dwell upon and acknowledge. How can such a feat be reached though? All in all, it is about portraying a sense of appreciation towards rivers. A decrease in water availability in our daily lives is rapidly emerging, and one day there will most certainly be no rivers remaining. That is why we must appreciate such a magnificent aspect of life while we still have it.

In actual fact, rivers speak a considerable moral within themselves. Something as simple as water meandering down a stream can shed words of wisdom. Look at us humans: we’re really complex creatures. Our desires are our intentions; we’re always wanting more and needing less. On the other hand, there are the ‘dull’ waves of water manoeuvring through otherwise barren areas each and every day, not intending to achieve a thing. Why can’t we humans comprehend the real goodness that rivers expose? Why do we need to be so harsh on ourselves, to expect more of ourselves and what we obtain? Why can’t we just appreciate the world set before us?

It’s always easy to feel neglected at times. It’s always easy to feel as though you belong somewhere else. However, success comes from those in the minority of the population who grit their teeth and deal with the situation at hand. Be like a river: emitting surges of strength at any time. Your life will improve exceedingly if you are to do this; your love for life will be as boundless as the immensity of the ocean.

In conclusion, any aspect of life can impart knowledge. Some things just need to be explored to be approved. While most would agree a river represents no brilliance, those who’ve read the contents of this article will surely decline such an opinion.