Lessons we can Learn from a River

A river origins, crosses many different landscapes, ups and downs, twists and turns and ends its life somewhere on the way or reaches her destination and adds up for greater something. She embraces many lives in her body, she feeds them, she nourishes the land and makes it lively, she provides the source of life. She gives life to many of them, floras and faunas, on her way. We can learn to live our life in a meaningful way simply having a close look at her life.

An artist can be inspired by the mesmerizing music produced by a river’s current. We admit that the creator is the greatest artist when we see white water stream flowing through green-grey mountains in snake-motion producing the heavenly music that soothes our soul. A poet can write a million songs looking at a river. As well as, a philosopher can see the ups and downs of life, happiness, anger, frustration, destruction, and pain in the river. A river can be the mirror of our own life. Her struggle to reach her destination can be the source of inspiration for any struggle that we face in our life, and her nourishing and giving nature can be the source of inspiration for kindness and humanity. We can learn that she gives so she loves, as well as, she takes and she destroys. Her anger can explode and destroy magnificent embankments, she can wipe off a complete civilization within a moment. She can break mountains, she can throw huge structures into the ocean with a blow.

Water is the source of life. Plants, animals and even unicellular organisms need water. Biologically, water was the host where first life was evolved. For us, our world civilization is closely connected with water. Early human civilizations were evolved around river-banks. Nile River Valley Civilization, Indus River Valley Civilization, Yellow River Valley Civilization, Ganges River Valley Civilization etc. are some examples of our relationship with rivers. We lived where rivers were. Rivers gave us life and food. We gained the knowledge of agriculture from the river. There were always some big problems to save our species from being extinct, we learned to live from the life of a river. We changed ourselves gradually, and we have this world. A river reminds us our past and our struggle for existence. And she teaches us the lesson of life and kindness everyday, she rejoices our heart, she is the mirror where we can see the reflection of our lives.