What is Acacia Wood and what are its uses

Acacia is a variety of tree or shrub found in several places across the globe. There are approximately 1300 different varieties of acacia trees or shrubs, and while Australia contains the majority of the different types of acacia (over 900 species of it), acacia is also present in many countries on four other continents. While it isn’t used nearly as much as other trees, acacia wood does have a variety of uses in the world.

Most well known usage

Of the 1300 different types, only a few types of acacia are able to be used for timber but these can be quite valuable. The most prized type of acacia wood is Australian Blackwood. This type of acacia wood from Australia, along with several other types of acacia from the islands in the Pacific, can be used to create many different types of furniture.

The wood is so prized because of its ability to take a high polish, the durability of the wood itself, and its coloring. The furnishings that are most commonly created today include boats, cabinetry, wooden tools and barrels, as well as musical instruments. Historically these specific types of acacia wood have also been used to create canoes and surfboards.

Acacia native to the United States have been and are still used in shipbuilding. These types of wood are valued for the strength, durability, and inelasticity which make them ideal for shipbuilding. Other uses for wood from these acacia trees include furniture and toys.

Other uses

Besides its main uses, acacia wood can also be used to make wood flooring, cutting boards, platters and trays. Different types of ornaments are also created from specific types of acacia wood that produce a fragrant smell. The wood is also commonly used as firewood in many countries around the world.

Certain countries in northern Africa burn the wood as incense and it is believed that the type of acacia that they burn will help prevent fever as well as easing join pain.

Countries such as Indonesia and Malasia are also creating plantations of certain acacia trees in order to harvest them for pulp wood to create paper.

Possible uses

It is possible that acacia wood was the timber mentioned in the Bible under a different name and used in the creation of both the Ark of Covenant and Noah’s Ark. It is believed that wood specifically from the red acacia was used to construct both vessels.