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Acacia wood is wood obtained from a genus of shrub known as the Acacia. Acacia was first described by a Swedish botanist who found this particular shrub growing in Africa. While some acacia shrubs come equipped with thorns the majority do not. They are considered to be pod bearing, with sap and leaves that typically harbor tannins. Acacia shrubs are noted for being fast growers and have the capability of flourishing in the poorest soils.

Acacia shrubs hold many valuable uses from the acacia seeds (used as a food product) to certain species of the shrub producing a gum type substance. Acacia shrubs make great ornamental plants for yards, gardens and landscapes, and they also hold many medicinal properties.

Some species of acacia are very valuable for their timber, including the species of acacia known as Acacia melanoxylon or Blackwood. Blackwood acacia is native to Australia and is notably larger than most other species of acacia found anywhere else in the world. The timber obtained from the Blackwood is primarily used to make furniture. All types of furniture can be found made of this beautiful hardwood and outdoor furniture is no exception. In fact, outdoor furniture made from the timber obtained from the acacia is said to be some of the best outdoor furniture on the market. The wood obtained from this species of shrub has been noted for its durability and its ability to stand up to any weather element thrown its way.

Another species of acacia known as Acacia omalophylla (referred to as Myall Wood) also hails from Australia and is prized for its amazingly beautiful timber as well. In the case of the Myall Wood species, fragmented pieces of timber from the shrub is used to make ornaments. The timber from other species of acacia including the acacia fumosa can typically be found used as firewood; this all depends on the culture and the abundance of the species.

Other acacia species that are suitable for furniture making include Acacia koa from the Hawaiian Islands and the timber collected from the species known as Acacia heterophylla from the Reunion Island.

The history of the usage of timber from the acacia species can be found dating all the way back to the Egyptians. There is recorded evidence showing the coffins of the Egyptians were made from acacia timber. The Ark of the Covenant and Noah’s Ark were both made from the beautiful hard wood of the acacia shrub species.