Sapiosexual Definition & Signs

When finding love, people look for traits they find appealing. An attraction begins once someone noticed an irresistible feature, whether it is something in a person’s appearance or personality.

Recently, a new word has risen in various social media platforms and dating apps or websites. Many people used the word “sapiosexual” to describe themselves in relation to the trait they find most alluring. So, what does it mean to be a sapiosexual? Moreover, how can you seduce this type of people?

What is the Meaning of Sapiosexual?

what does Sapiosexual mean
Most people have a certain list of features they find attractive. Most of these traits will fall under the physical attributes and personality. For most people, they find a person’s intelligence as a plus point. However, it is not a big deal.

Sapiosexual people find intelligence as an irresistible quality in an individual and it is a must-have. These people find great pleasure in learning. Thus, their desire for learning and acquiring knowledge is the driving force of their sexuality. They get sexually aroused when someone is discussing ideas and theories may it be scientific, political, or anything they find interesting.

Signs You’re a Sapiosexual

Being attracted to an intelligent person is a common scenario because intelligence is an exceptional trait of an individual. However, it does not automatically mean that you are a sapiosexual person. These people possess distinguishable traits that make them unique, which include the following:

  • You Prefer Intelligence rather than Physical Attributes and Material Things

In today’s society, various factors can influence the attractiveness and appeal of a person. Many people work out to develop a sexy physique. For some, they based a person’s standing in the society by the material things the person owns. All these things are irrelevant to a sapiosexual. You are not the type of person to judge people by the way they present themselves in the society. The significant trait for you is a person’s thirst for knowledge, learning, and their ability to discuss their beliefs, ideas, or opinions.

  • Intellectual Conversations are More Pleasurable than Casual Sex

A deep and stimulating conversation is more enticing for a person with sapiosexuality. However, this does not mean that they are afraid of physical contact. They will have sex if the opportunity presents itself and they will find it satisfying. Still, they are more aroused with intellectual conversations.

Once they found their perfect match, intellectual conversations will be pleasurable and fulfilling. If their partner is the physical contact type of person, there must be a balance between the physical and mental stimulation to ensure that both parties are happy and content.

  • Knowledge is a Huge Turn On

In chemistry, there is a principle that states, “like dissolves like” or one cannot combine oil and water. Although there are some exceptions, this principle is also applicable in human interaction.

People who have a common interest will group themselves together. As a sapiosexual, your desire for learning and knowledge is the center of your attraction. A perfect match for you is not someone who has a high IQ or the best in their chosen field. A huge turn on for you is the person’s love and thirst for learning and knowledge.

  • Grammar is Important

Although proper grammar and spelling are not the only indicators of a person’s intelligence, most sapiosexuals find a misspelled word and a grammatically incorrect message annoying. One reason is that proper language is an obsession for them. Thus, a person’s prose matters. An occasional mistake is forgivable. However, if it is habitual, they may end the conversation.

  • Attraction Happens Over Time

The attraction for a sapiosexual does not happen instantly or upon an eye contact because they are not attracted to an individual’s appearance. They typically develop an attraction after interacting with someone. Once they get to know a person better and find them mentally stimulating, they will be attracted to that individual.

Ways to Turn a Sapiosexual On

If you are attracted to a sapiosexual person, getting their attention is not a simple task. However, it is doable. Here are some ways on how to seduce people who are turned on by intelligence.

  • Read Them Your Favorite Book

Most sapiosexuals are avid readers. They acquire great pleasure from understanding complex topics and mostly learn through books. Most of them will have a collection of reading materials from various topics. Thus, it will be an arousing moment for them if you read them your favorite book with feelings.

  • Do the Mensa Workout

If you want to improve your IQ and strengthen your mental skills, a Mensa workout is a good way to start. It will even help you impress a sapiosexual person. There are also some team challenges you can do with your partner. If you are up for a little competition, you can compare your scores at the end of the challenge and find out who is more intellectually superior.

  • Use Correct Grammar and Spelling

If you want to seduce a sapiosexual, using the correct spelling of words and proper grammar will be a big plus. These people have an obsession with words and language. It will be a huge turn on for them if you take your time to correct your spelling and construct meaningful sentences. Furthermore, a clear and effective communication starts with proper spelling and grammar.

  • Take Them to Unconventional yet Remarkable Places

If you are planning a date, taking your partner to a park, movie theater, and coffee shop is boring. Sapiosexual people love to learn and experience new things. Going to unconventional places will be a good start. You can take him or her to an exotic restaurant, museum, or book club events.

  • Do not be Afraid to be Wrong

Nobody is perfect and one person cannot know everything. If you are not familiar with a certain topic or subject, do not be afraid to tell your partner that you do not know it. It is an admirable trait. The two of you can learn and discuss that topic. It can be a fun learning experience for the both of you.

  • Be Nerdy and Proud of It

Every person has a nerdy and weird side. However, some people will try to hide it due to various reasons such as peer pressure. If you want to turn on a sapiosexual person, you have to reveal this hidden side. You may even discover that you share some common interests, which may help build your relationship.