What can be done to Stop Oil Leaking of Gulf of Mexico

Combine well-experienced environmentalists, petroleum engineers, drafters, software developers,  mechanical and electrical engineers  by making a team. Create a project and name it ‘ Cleaning Gulf of Mexico.’ This group can definitely come up with a solution which can lead to inventing a device to stop oil pressure for ocean depth. In the past, same method has been applied to take over waste water spill and for oil leakages to save environment. This team can invent the device in a less amount of time using latest technology. For example , petroleum engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers can perform tests with invent device which would be able to stop 60000 or more  pressure of liquid for under water. Any software development or programming of invent device can be done by software developers.

Environmentalists and chemical engineers can contribute by working on safety, monitoring the oil spill of Gulf Mexico and suggesting the workers that when is the best time to conduct tests.  Since internet access is all over the world, engineers from different part of the world can be given remote access to control invented device or machinery and to add anything handy which would be useful to stop oil leakage. All access should be fully authorized and financial support of the project should be taken care only by governments of the countries surrounding the Gulf of Mexico.

Introduce new courses and programs in universities for students so they can learn that what can be done if there is oil leakage. So if in the future if any issue same like oil leakage gulf of mexico  arise, people trained with the knowledge of oil stopping courses can be given credit and action would take place fast.

Arrange seminars and conference meetings with other companies CEO and Chairman to discuss the actions that are taking place and will be going to take place on the oil stopping project.  If any person is willing to contribute to this oil stopping project, add the person to a team by reviewing person’s skills which would be helpful for project’s team.

As the group work on the project, if any additional certified skilled worker would be required then bring that worker on board. Since oil leakage is continue even today, more and more workers ideas should be shared to form a universal and perfect solution.

Meteorologists should also be continuously communicating with a group to keep them updated for weather forecast to warn any kind of hurricanes.

Bringing ideas closer and sharing them leads to a perfect solution for any issue. At last , everyone living in this world is responsible for keeping the environment safe for current and upcoming generations.