Weather storms tornado hurricane barometer wind air climate temperature prediction

Since I am not employed as a professional weather prediction person, whose job it is to inform those people within any region in question of the expected weather conditions that are most likely to occur during day, as well as the following week, I can only guess as to the current and expected future environmental quality of our atmosphere. Yes, in total, the quality of the air around our Earth, together with those many localized disturbances, is known as our weather. So too, each atmospheric disturbance is defined as a weather event.

A truly nice day, from my point of view, is one in which the sky is void of clouds and the Sun shines brightly upon a landscape where the temperature of the air is no greater than 75 F. degrees of heat. There is a gentle breeze, as the birds chirp from their perch on the limbs of the trees. Falcons fly in a circle high in the sky, searching for the body of an animal that died, or was killed by a vehicle and now lies dead on the roadside.

A nice day is a poetic day that is filled with the promise of a successful reward for all of our hard earned work that allows each of us to remain healthy and alive. If only every day would be the same, but we both know that is certainly not the case.

Rain, snow, sleet or hail might fall upon us on what would otherwise be a tolerable day. Yes, those are truly the times when I am not so happy to see the dawn of a new day, or yet what might happen as the Sun slowly makes is way across the sky. A quick glance to the Western horizon alerts my eyes to the fact that this current weather event will persist for many hours and will likely continue throughout the night.

A glance at my trustworthy barometer, its pointer directly aligned with a reading of twenty-eight point five, indicates to me that this low air pressure condition within the atmosphere is in agreement with what is a truly dreadful day. Then again, during last night’s news broadcast the weatherman predicted such as event, and for once he truly was entirely correct.

So now you know what I most certainly do, to prepare for those predicted and usually expected weather events. Shall I bring an umbrella or bundle up from the cold? Shall I simply walk around dressed for what is appropriate for a truly nice day? There is one thing that I can be entirely correct. With the grace of God, I shall live to see the dawn of the following day.