Animals and Weather Prediction

Can animals be weather prophets? Let’s have a look at some of the superstitions that have grown up through the years. I don’t know of any scientific knowledge surrounding these facts, but many people believe them.

It has long been thought that animals have a great knack of telling you the weather, and forecasting the weather.

Bats, if they are many in number at night, or flying much longer than they usually fly, show a glorious day ahead. If there are fewer bats than usual, or the bats are observed entering houses or barns then this will indicate bad weather tomorrow.

If an owl is observed crying unusually then this is supposed to indicate a good following day.

Ravens croaking loudly in the morning is a sign of a good day.

If ducks are behaving in an erratic manner, when the weather is fine, this is an indication that bad weather is approaching.

Bees making shorter journeys than usual can be a sign of rain. This is also true if they come back late at night fully loaded with pollen.

If pigeons return home late then there is rain ahead.

If sparrows are observed chatting more than usual then bad weather is approaching. If a cock crows in the night-time then rain is coming. This is also the case if hens are seen rolling around in the dust.

Swallows flying at very low levels foretell bad weather. But if a hawk is seen very high then the weather will continue to be fine.

If flies are observed being very restless a storm is coming. Gnats assembling before sunset into a circling mass denotes good weather approaching or continuing to be fine.

If a frog croaks more than usual, or toads are seen coming out of their holes in great numbers, or worms are appearing at the surface of the soil, or moles throwing up more soil than usual, or turkeys are collecting together in great numbers, then this is a sure sign of heavy rain to come.

Cattle closing together foretells a thunderstorm. Cats licking their paws often and rubbing them over their faces is a sign of rain. Also if a cat flicks its tail as if it had been electrified it is a sign of windy weather to come. Restless pigs are said to promise wind as it is said that pigs can actually see the wind.

Good luck with trying these out.