Weather Control – No

Using weather control is a dangerous and selfish way to protect our people.

When one human being deliberately acts in a way that they know will take a life they are committing murder. Whether it is a gun, a car, a base ball bat or a hurricane to know you will kill someone and still direct these things at another human you are committing murder.

Also with the ability to direct weather in such a way means that man will have other options and it’s like putting a gun in a child’s hands.

Send a hurricane away from a city and kill rural people or send it into the ocean and save the day you still have the responsibility for changing weather patterns. While the hurricane is petering out in the colder ocean it took air flows to get it there. So there could be a tornado forming in the middle of a central continent city and a killer drought might continue because the rain the area might have gotten will be diverted. Farmers in the drought area will not produce food and we’re already being told there is a food shortage forming. Divert one or two hurricanes and we could produce a new El Nino that would screw up not only our continent but the world.

With the stresses of changing weather patterns there will be major loss of plant and animal life and then those cities that were saved will suffer from more problems than whether they get a little wet in a hurricane. Flooding and landslides in areas already prone will increase. Pests will increase and with them will come diseases.

Actually this article may be sounding like the coming of the plagues in Egypt that beset Pharaoh when he held people in captivity. Can we be sure that changes in weather will not set off earthquakes? All other problems will surely happen. We are not GOD and we can’t be sure that we have taken care of all the details.

And when we change the weather patterns what will our neighbors to the north and south do if we change their weather. To me that can create an international incident that will span many decades and could lead to war with our closest friends and neighbors. If a hurricane accidently flies out of control and kills thousands of natives and tourists in Cancun many rich Americans will sue. Now that could be an incident that is almost guaranteed to cause a decades spanning incident.

In short we shouldn’t do this it will lead to more trouble than it is worth. It’s better to educate people in first responder practices than to try to kill off someone because they chose a relatively safe place to live rather than in the path of a hurricane.