Investigating Recent changes in Weather Patterns

Weather Patterns After The Tsunami

I’ve noticed that the weather changed all around
the world after the Tsunami. Not only did the
weather patterns change but earthquakes increased
greatly. The magnitudes surpassing what you’d call
a normal earthquake.

Scientists revealed important information about
the tsunami after it shook the entire planet on it’s
axis. *imagine that for a moment* Earth shaking
on it’s axis.
The Tsunami also caused a 0.3 second alteration in
What caused the Tsunami to affect the whole planet
in such a way? Possibly a rather large meteor *star*
made it through the Ozone, crashed into the ocean,
causing the massive earthquake that sent tidal waves
toward land. The water level rose in every country
from that event.

Not long after, Florida took direct hits over and over
with Hurricanes that crept their way up into NJ and
New York state. The flooding they left behind in those
areas destroyed homes, stranded people that required
an air lifted to safety and caused billions of dollars
in damage.

Also, Hurricane Katrina came in at such force from the
Gulf of Mexico, causing continuous earthquakes ranging
from 2-3 Magnitudes as she approached land. The fury
she left behind was of utter devastation.

The Ozone depletion is most likely to blame for the
new weather patterns that carry hail and tornado’s to
new locations with an increase in size. Jet streams
have found new paths. People continue to drive and
use oil knowing the effects it has on the Ozone.
We’ve had electric vehicles for over 30 years now…
also, a way to use cooking grease as gas and a new
invention last year that uses water for fuel. All of
these great ideas that work are put aside to continue
with the *gas-oil* era. I can’t help it to think,
‘what about the children’… Is the big oil money
worth destroying the Ozone.

I saw the movie ‘Inconvenient Truth’ that told about
the weather patterns of the world changing and the
result it’s having on the polar ice caps.

Actually, after looking over the events I mentioned
I just know I’ve read this somewhere before. I wonder
how many people dusted off their Bible’s at home
after the major events that have occurred.

For now we have to live with the new weather patterns,
snow in the desert, increased hurricanes, tornadoes,
golf-ball size hail, etc.
But whom exactly is going to fix the Ozone?