Investigating Recent changes in Weather Patterns

Recent changes in weather patterns have a number of climate scientists saying, “I told you so,” while those who deny global warming have begun to rethink their theories.

The summer of 2010 went on record as having four category-4 hurricanes (Two simultaneously) developed in less than 3 weeks which is extremely rare. Had they taken the path that many hurricanes frequently take in September, America’s coastal regions would have suffered unimaginable damage and loss of life.

August 2010, Pakistan was overwhelmed by floodwaters which scientists called a slow-moving tsunamis that took more than a thousand lives and uprooted nearly a million people. It was so bad that people were actually sleeping in the mud. Earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters have increased and intensified every year since. Haiti and Japan have been devastated by earthquakes. Many victims of hurricane Sandy will never recover their loses.

The rise in surface temperature has been heating the ocean which is what fuels these super storms. As global warming increases we should see a steady increase in mega-hurricanes and floods.

However, a number of areas are experiencing opposite conditions. Areas that normally receive moderate to heavy rainfall are getting little to no rain at all which leaves them vulnerable to wildfires. Extreme temperatures can create electrical storms which produce a lot of lightning but not much rain.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “The Long Butte Fire near Hagerman, Idaho burned approximately 306,113 acres over the course of a week. The fire started by a lightning strike and spread rapidly across the grasslands — an estimated 215,000 acres burned in one month. A cold front moving across the region brought dry conditions and strong winds, which fueled the rapid growth. A wind gust of 70 mph was measured nearby in Boise.”

As temperatures continue to rise, water evaporation will increase which can dehydrate miles of farm and pasture lands.  Deadly heat waves create drought and water shortages. Pastures and ponds dry up and cattle become endangered. Crops whither in the fields from intense heat and lack of ground moisture. Winters have also demonstrated the effects of global warming. It actually snowed in Las Vegas and as far south as Tampa Florida.

Is global warming causing all these weather changes? What’s causing global warming? How bad is it going to get?  

Regardless of the reason, our weather patterns are getting more bizarre every year. Our planet is obviously reacting to something. Earthquakes are also increasing and they’re getting more intense. These things are in the news every day. Are we becoming insensitive to them? Should we prepare?

Preparing for the body is wise but preparing for the body without preparing for the soul is foolish. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Weather systems can develop quickly, leaving little to no time to prepare. Those hit by these mega-storms can lose everything, including precious lives. An F5 tornado can turn a well-built home into a trail of tooth picks in seconds. Floods, even in no-flood zones have destroyed homes and devastated families.

What should we do?

First, understand that there is only one safe place. Click here. Then take note of the kind of disasters your area is prone to and learn how to best prepare for them. Rule of thumb for all is to store enough food and water for several weeks. During any natural disaster, these are the first things to go.

The internet is full of good advice for preparing for any natural disaster. Research information and learn how prepare and how to survive. Don’t depend on the government to rescue you… remember Katrina.