Was Neil Armstrongs first Moon Step really a Giant Leap for Mankind

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Indeed it was. When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon in 1969, it was a massive achievement for space exploration. The accomplishment of being able to send a man to the moon and safely return him proved to be a historical landmark. It has accelerated the development of technology, as well as challenging scientists and astronomers to explore the universe further.

Prior to the moon landing, the United States and the Soviet Union were only just beginning to send people into space. The technology was relatively new and had taken a fair while to develop. One great challenge which everyone at NASA faced was building a rocket which was capable of making it to the moon and back. In his famous quote, Neil Armstrong admitted that this is a massive achievement for mankind in every way imaginable. For technology, it proved to be huge. Technologically, new innovative products and creations have come through, each more powerful and sophisticated than the last. The technology that Apollo 11 had available was completely new. Since that breakthrough, Astronauts now travel in rockets which are faster, smoother, comfortable, more complex and better designed than ever before. Armstrong’s first step on the moon gave people the belief in pushing the boundaries of technology, knowing it to be possible that advancements could now be made much faster than previously expected.

In addition to the technological advances, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon paved the way for a massive movement in space exploration. It is one which continues today. The voyager spacecraft has been travelling through the solar system for thirty five years and is now reaching the outer edge. Space rovers journey along the surface of Mars, exploring the possibility if life ever did exist on the lonely red planet. Scientists build the Hubble Space telescope, which has the ability to capture the most amazing images of planets, blacks holes, supernovas and more. Landing on the moon was a massive achievement. However, since then, mankind has felt compelled to better that achievement by exploring space further and working to discover the workings behind the more intricate aspects of the universe. Currently, astronomers and scientists are working to discover if life exists on other planets. Armstrong’s steps on the moon made way for people to challenge the boundaries of space travel and exploration further.

Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon was a giant leap for mankind. Technological advancements and space exploration have thrived ever since due to the achievement.