The Meaning of Neil Armstrongs Quote

The famous quote from Neil Armstrong was “This is one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.” This quote was heard around the world, through newspapers and news wires. Everyone was waiting to hear the news after the spaceship had taken off.  Every day, people waited to hear the news. This was the biggest story of the decade!

Since the Cold War was going on at the time and Russia was also trying to get to the moon, the USA had direct competition. Russia had already orbited the earth before us, however, Mr. Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.

This quote had several meanings behind it, which is why it was a profound and memorable statement. It is truly one of the most quoted phrases, and it serves as an inspiration to all of us. This quote was timeless.

Personal meaning: In the literal sense, he took a small step onto the moon, and a small step for one man. He was conveying in that part of the statement, just how “small” he felt at that moment. As he was standing there, he looked back at Earth and realized how small in size he was to have accomplished this bold task. He did a great deed, a heroic deed, but he still felt very human and small in comparison to the vastness of space.

The deeper meaning: In the statement of “one giant leap for mankind”, he was stating that this was a major accomplishment. The USA did what other countries were attempting to do, by walking on the moon. This giant leap was toward science, as a growth in knowledge, as well as for mankind, to show us that we are now not held by those limits anymore. The limits of space, and the mystery of the moon, had been broken!

In a second reference to the Cold War, by including all of mankind in his statement, he included us all. Neil Armstrong included all of the human race in that statement, as he collectively gave “us” credit for that giant leap. He didn’t single out one country, nor did he point the finger at who DIDN’T get there first. He, instead, included all of us and made us all proud. He revived the USA, giving it new life, instant credibility and authority. 

At that moment, everyone on Earth stood frozen in dis-belief. Walking on the moon seemed impossible, but he did it! And by his statement, he was a hero to all, saying he did it for all of mankind.