Walk for Water

Around the globe, the water crisis continues to effect those that can least afford it, the children. Each day it is estimated that 4,500 die because of the lack of safe drinking water. (1) This critical ingredient is needed in stopping the spread of diseases. Unfortunately for many polluted water is all that is available.

The United Nations took a stand on this serious issue in 1992 when the General Assembly designated March 22 as World Water Day. It was the intention of the assembly to draw international attention to the lack of clean, safe drinking water worldwide.

Seventeen years later, this event is still relatively unknown. Even with the support of the United Nations, volunteer organizations and committed individuals, World Water Day is still in its infancy similar to what Earth Day was in the early 1970’s.

Slowly the tide is turning through the efforts of many caring individuals.

For example, a group of students from Wayzata High School in Minnesota walked 1.5 miles to and from school each day to symbolize the walk kids from around the world make for water. Their goal was to raise $5000 for a school in the Philippines. Instead, they generated $25,000 that was used to establish a water system for five schools.

Then there are Madeline and Grace who live in Bellevue, Washington. As eighth graders, they took on the task of raising money for those who are lacking clean, accessible water. Their project known as “Dig Deep” has set a goal of raising $10,000 to build twelve public water tap stands in rural Ethiopia.

Their walk held on May 22 raised $1800. As of early August they were over half way to reaching their goal with a fund total of $5400.

In 2009 Samaritan’s Purse International, a charity in the UK is teaming with their sister organizations in Australia, Canada, and Europe in an effort to raise funds. Global Walk for Water, the name of their project invites schools, churches, family’s young and old, to walk for those in need of clean water.

Their goal is to have more participants raise more money than the 20,000 involved in the 2008 Turn on the Tap campaign.

Aveda Corporation has taken an active role in The Walk for Water campaign through their inaugural walk held in Sydney Australia this past April. In addition, this company hosted through their salons and spas a series of walks in twenty-six cities. Some of them are Milan Italy, Dublin Ireland, Toronto Canada, Munich Germany, and Orlando Florida. Ultimately, Aveda’s goal is to raise $ 3 million dollars for water-related issues in 2009.

For more information on World Water Day visit: http://www.worldwaterday.net/

(1) http://www.worldwaterday.net/index.cfm?objectid=E38C787B-F1F6-6035-B9D8092D300B7548