Unethical Treatment of People by using Gentic Engineering

Genetic engineering is not ethical. This is an issue that has been going on for years now, and it has not changed from my perspective. No it is not ethical. Essentially this is what Adolf Hitler was trying to do many years ago. He was trying to create the purest race of people in the world by creating a “master race.” Anyone who has the capability, the technology and the money can create a master race of his own. All he has to do is genetically engineer thousands of people and he can start his own country.

Genetic engineering has been created by scientists who want to create better animals free of disease and that can be the strongest animals ever. Scientists have already created Dolly the sheep and many other animals that they have cloned from other animals. Scientists have already genetically engineered vegetables and some meat to make them better products for humans to eat; free of disease, and faster to grow.

It is unethical for scientists to create animals, and vegetables, and any living organism in this manner. What’s next creating live babies from one cell from a human being and having it grow and develop for nine months in a liquid solution to become the first of its kind? It is unethical, amoral, and goes against all God had in His master plan for us. We as human beings should not be able to genetically alter another human being. We are playing with fire. We should not have the power to alter or create another human being, animal or vegetable in such as way that we are creating a super species.

Genetic engineering is unethical because we do not need to be super human. We do not all need to be super women and super men. We were created in God’s eyes so that everyone is different. We need to have weaker people so that the strong can survive. We need people with differences so that there are people who are politicians, and people who are scientific. We do not need our earth filled with essentially the same kinds of people with all disease wiped out and all of us genetically engineered. We need people that hearts, minds and souls that function as people. With genetic engineering what will happen to our poets, our artists and our deep thinkers?

It is not normal for people or animals to be genetically engineered. We might as well all be fetuses in test tubes, growing to nine months in a laboratory somewhere waiting to be born. With people being genetically engineered we are paving the way to eradicate disease and the wrong kind of gene from having a person become imperfect. No longer will people be drug addicts, alcoholics, or be born with defects. No longer would babies be born with Downs Syndrome or heart defects.

And when that happens, then what do the scientists and doctors have to do? They will be working themselves out of careers. While the scientists are gaining their recognition for creating humans without diseases, and birth defects, then they will only have well patients coming in for yearly checkups. What will all those scientists have to create next, genetically altered mosquitoes that can only suck blood from people who aren’t genetically altered?

We will become a nation, no make that a world of robots by allowing genetically engineered human beings, animals and vegetables to come to life. We will be living masterpieces of a living master race that Adolf Hitler tried to create over sixty years ago. Have we really come a long way, or have we come full circle?