Genetically Engineering Superhumans

Genetic engineering is going to alter humanity’s future evolution. There is no avoiding this fact. The debate over whether we should or should not engage in genetic engineering is completely moot. If we can do it, we will, and no amount of legislation, moral arguments, ethical debates, or religious objections are going to put the brakes on experiments in genetic engineering.

The Human Genome Project was completed in 2003. Essentially, the entire human DNA sequencing has been decoded and analyzed. We can now re-arrange human and animal genes into any pattern we desire. Modern real-life examples of genetic engineering at work include spider-silk in goat’s milk, glow-the-dark cats, scorpion poison in cabbage, human organs (e.g., hearts) grown inside pigs, vaccines in bananas…there are many more.

The big controversy has always been over the genetic engineering of humans. But in fact genetically modified babies were born in 2001. We already have grown, near-adult, genetically engineered humans walking around. There are corporations and businesses already here that offer genetic counseling to couples who want specific traits and characteristics in their children. If you had a choice to select genes that would make your baby smarter, more attractive, stronger, faster, live longer, would you say “Yes”?

There are people who have genes that will give them cancer the rest of their lives. Who wants to get cut open every three or four years to remove cancerous tissues?

But then the old issue of eugenics raises it’s ugly head; the creation of a Master Race. In fact, transhumanism is the philosophy of directed evolution; consciously taking control of our evolution.

What if we could genetically engineer superhumans who could live and work on the ocean floor (Aquaman)? Or how about superhumans who could work in deep mines underground, or space stations or moon bases? The military certainly wants to design supersoldiers. They are already working on robotic exoskeletons, cybernetic augmentation, cognitive performance enhancers, drugs for increased performance, computer artificial intelligence augmentation systems.

The genetically created/enhanced/engineered superhumans are coming. It is inevitable. We are going to have the X-Men for real; Flame Boy, Invisible Man, Spider Woman, the Hulk, Captain America, Superman and Superwoman. These will be the New Human 2.0 and 3.0 upgrades.

But what does that mean or imply for the rest of humanity? We have technology devices that become obsolete. We longer use 8-track tapes, cassettes, even DVDs are becoming obsolete. What do we do with obsolete equipment? We throw it on the trash pile! We are the throwaway society. Our dumps and garbage heaps are filled to overflowing with obsolete or broke-down tech equipment. Is that what we will do with obsolete humanity, as the Uber-mensch (Over-Man, Super-Man) takes control?

There is even certain circumstantial evidence that the culling of humanity is already underway in cleverly concealed global eugenics directives. Our medical system kills some 200,000 people every year through properly applied procedures and drug side-effects. Dangerous pharmaceuticals are poisoning millions. Our GMO foods are creating generations of sick , debilitated, diseased, weak, obese people. There is fluoride in the water, which creates a docile, non-aggressive population. And the effects of nano-technology haven’t even been felt yet.

The super-humans are coming.