Understanding the Relativity of Time – Relative

Many times I have questioned time. How many times has it evades me when I most needed it. Thus, I believe that time is relative. How can people measure time without seeing it. It is true that its effects are thrusted upon us and sometimes unwantingly. Stars are reminiscent of time past.

It also reminds scientists that for example stars far away such as the Pleiades, constitute of a different time relative to our own. Even in our own time, an airplane high in the sky portrays a different time than one standing on the grand, even as small account of time it may seem. In higher gravitational fields time slows enough and this term is phrased as gravitational time dilation. Movement is one event that distorts time, but size of matter changes time as well.

The only thing known to man to escape time the quickest is light, which can travel at a speed of 10 trillion kilometers during the course of one year. This is otherwise known as a light year. It is to note however, that light is not mass but electromagnetic radiation. Therefore it travels with much more speed.

It is in effect quite obvious that none can escape time, the only destructive way would be a black and even then a person would still linger throughout that moment for a very long time. It is in fact that time is relative, because my time is not the same as your time. There are many other concepts to identify with. Time is like a blanket that surrounds each matter, even the tiniest piece of matter and and thus change the flow of energy. Many key scientists have experimented and found agreement to this. The famous Michelson-Morley experiment in which agreed that an absolute reference velocity was not acheivable. Even the Kennedy-Thorndike experiment concluded that the time dilation was correct.

Time in conclusion is in all, it is everywhere and in everyone. It is relative. It always exists differently for others and interacts differently with matter. Mostly time shapes our very core. What people do in the future affects all. Light goes fast as 10 trillion kilometers, yet it cannot even escape time, even barely a black hole. Now even the sun experiences a time different than mine or yours. Now even as I speak, time ebbs out of my fingers. Time is something special and relative nothing can escape except I believe for one thing. Nevermind though. I believe we can interpret time in different manners. The scientists of tommorrow can analyze time differently and see time as parts to a whole, like a long chain linked together.