Understanding the Human

Why are humans so vulnerable, and fallible? Humans are not perfect by any means, no matter what any individual person will tell you. There is nothing that we can do about it, and we just have our flaws. Some of us are short, some of us are fat, some of us are not funny, but that’s the way it is. For some reason we are just fallible, and we have some serious shortcomings as a species. Luckily we are smart enough to be able to control ourselves for the most part. But why are we so imperfect?

Evolution is a imperfect system really. We can walk upright, but we really weren’t mean to be walking upright. Back problems, foot problems, and other bodily injuries like that are primarily human plights, and it is because creatures were meant to be on four legs, and not two. It helped us become the smartest species on the planet, but it certainly didn’t help our back pain.

Just as evolution hurt us physically, it hurts us mentally too. We have the ability to think outside of our need for food and shelter. While this allows us to ponder the universe, it also allows to think about other things way too much. We can wind up thinking about war, stealing, and other ways we can get one up on other people. It allows us to get way too deep into why we cannot find a girlfriend, or why we can’t get promoted.

Sometimes it is just that we think that we are so great, that we shouldn’t fail. Some people think that they are so great that they can’t possibly make mistakes. There are some of us that manage to influence the way that multiple people think, and so they gain a lot of power. We don’t really know why we are following these people, but we do, and so they own the collective minds of humanity. Whether it be by force, or by weak minds thinking alike, this is one way that people fail.

Humanity is vulnerable becauase in the big scheme of things we aren’t really all that great. We are just one species among many on this planet, and probably one of many species in the universe. We haven’t been able to achieve peace among our own species, and we don’t even have the means to get off the planet in any efficient way on a mass scale. An asteroid would wipe us out just like it wiped out the dinosaurs. We are smart, but we aren’t in control of our own solar system yet.

Humanity is flawed because we have a lot to learn. We have a lot to learn about ourselves, our world, and our universe. We need to stop thinking that we are so great, and just realize that we are part of the cosmic plan just like anything else. We don’t even know why we are here in the first place, so maybe we could check our ego at the door?