Ways in which Humans Influence the Evolution of non Human Species

Over the years, humans have influenced the evolution of non-human species in various ways. Scientists the world over have recorded these ways so that generations can understand how the human species operates. In this article are some ways in which humans operate differently from non-humans, which makes the human kingdom special and apart from animals.


While there is a tendency by some people to think that humans originate from chimps, there is one way to prove that this is not so. For example, the voice box in humans is placed at a lower angle than in a chimp. Inside of the mouth of each human being is a horseshoe-shaped bone, which allows humans to form their words when speaking.

Humans walk upright

Humans have the tendency to walk upright, unlike non-human species. This makes humans able to use their hands as constructive tools to accomplish daily routines. However, since humans are created to walk upright, they sometimes are prone to backaches and strains. It is no wonder that humans find it more difficult to give birth than non-human species.

Humans are fully clothed

While non-human species function daily without any clothing, humans go around fully clothed. This happens from the time a child is born. Each newborn child is clothed after cleaning takes place.

Humans have opposable thumbs

There are some non-human species that have opposable thumbs. However, the difference with humans is that the thumbs are opposable, which allows them to touch the little finger. Humans can also hold and use the hand in a powerful way by stretching the little finger toward the thumb.

Brain power

Humans have a greater capacity of brain power than non-human species. This gives humans the far greater ability to be creative. Accomplishments made by humans are impossible for non-human species to reach.


Humans have the ability to control fire, unlike all non-human species. Fire is used for cooking purposes and keeping everyone warm, especially during winter.


Non-human species do not have the sense to blush, unlike humans. Darwin in his writings says, “Blushing is the most peculiar and most human of all expressions.” When a man or woman blushes, he or she is revealing to onlookers his or her emotions that are hidden.

Childhoods take longer

Non-human species have a way of not caring for their offspring after they have reached a certain age. With humans, caring takes a much longer time. Experts are of the view that this is a result of having a larger brain power to develop.  

While human beings may differ in many ways from non-human species, there are still many ways that scientists have not yet been able to record. Still, noting the differences will reveal the human race possesses enough knowledge to separate them from other species.