Understanding the Evils and Dangers of Group think

Vandalism and wanton destructive behaviour carried out by groups, and in groups, is caused mostly by people not being themselves, but following the mob mentality. This mentality is that which arises from 2 or more people gathered in the name of just “not caring’.

The real truth is as Jesus Christ himself said, that if 2 or more gather in his name there he is amongst them. But the difference is that these people care, and care about their group and care about what they are doing in the group, and as a part of the group.

This means that when you gather together in this way, a group presence is created, which attracts some individuals that are similar in thought and outlook to, and reflecting something more or less exactly like this created presence, back to the group. Being similar to the group presence, they are allowed to join the group, and so the group mentality expands, and so does this created entity. And so the group follows this presence as a group, and while ignoring individual member’s inputs. Any individual action is actually cut down, drowned out, and the individual brave enough to differ or offer his or her own opinion, will usually be told to leave the group or actually be drummed right out of it.

The whole idea really, is for the group to not so much be like “mind fed” automatons, but to like what they should be minding, and so the group is good or bad depending on what the created group entity is, and so what this created entity then attracts to the group.

So can groups develop into mobs and so become a danger to society?

Yes, groups when formed with the common group mentality or culture have created this extra inner sort of entity, that then does not want to die, but wants to continue its existence within this group. And so the group grows and perpetuates itself, and when this happens, it depends on the created entity, which way the group will head, and in which direction, and so also, what they will do. The group is now controlled by this entity, and so out of control of the individual members in it, for now, but maybe forever. This feeling is powerful for the group members, who need do nothing, except follow the lead of this created entity. Most people like to be lead by a entity that is powerful and a bit scary, because they lack individual power for themselves, and in themselves.

This type of group entity that has been created here, is a common enough occurrence in all of nature. It also happens amongst animal groups such as in hyena packs, for example, and even in insect groups such as with ants, and ant colonies. The entity connects the members, and communicates the common message to the individual, as if it is coming from each member of the group. They then think that they have the group approval, and so act all together for right or for wrong, but in fact they are only following a false creation of the mass ego of the group.

This is why Jesus said, that when two or more are gathered in his name, he also is there, because when you gather for good in the name of God, or by thinking of a highly spiritual master such as this, a complex of power is created that actually brings this entity to you. And this is like a beacon to the master, or a manufactured allowance of created imagery, that then takes shape, and so the master fills this created vehicle, and so appears for real to you then.

He is now real, having moved his own energy field into the vacuum created, or because of the beacon that has summoned or requested his presence.

One group is for the ego, the other has no ego. This then is the difference between a good group and a bad group. The ego group will always go in the direction of the created ego leader, and this is always in a wrong and a different direction, than which the soul of the individuals in the group actually want to go in, and would go in that direction, if not being influenced now by the group. The ego in an individual is powerful, but the combined egos that create this ego monster, is yet more powerfully dominating and influencing still.

Be very careful then of the types of groups that you join. And never allow your true self to be absorbed, and to disappear as an individual, into the group created ego leading monster, or even to just become a part of it. The part always joins to the whole, and so eventually will take over the part and consume you within itself, as well.

This then is the danger of group-think or group mentality, a very real danger indeed.