Understanding Energy and the Reactions it Releases

Energy is one of the most misunderstood matters we face today, because everything that exists today is because of energy and the reactions it releases. There are many forms of energy, and knowing the differences can give all of us a better understanding as well as a better appreciation for it.

There is lumination, heat, mechanical, chemical and electric energy, and combining these combinations, causes reaction that releases energy. Let’s take this article for example. Right now my computer is producing electric energy, and the light I am using to see with is also producing electric energy, as well as heat and lumination at the same time. These are all types of energy released, and the reactions caused by that release.

Energy creates power, and releases that power into reactions caused by the energy it produces, and transforms into different forms. Did you know that even the foods we eat contain types of chemical power, released from energy? True story, the fats, proteins, carbohydrates and even alcohol we consume all contains chemical reactions that release energy. Once these foods enter our system the movement of our muscles alone causes an energy release, and can actually maintain our body temperature. Our bodies also have the capability to store these energy reactions, if we are unable to use them right away.

Now let’s talk about alternative energy. Everyone wants a healthier and better environment, and nothing is better for the environment than getting rid of fuels that damage the planet. There are many advantages to choosing to use alternative energy, for it doesn’t cause as many chemical reactions that releases damaging reactions.

Solar energy is a common used replacement for energy sources. You can provide your home with the same luxuries you have now, only you will be taking advantages of energy that are produced by the  sun’s rays and not the harmful fuels that electric energy produces. Solar energy can be converted into electric energy, and doesn’t cause reactions released by energy, or chemical reactions that release energy.

Did you know that even the wind can offer alternative energy? Once again, true story. Wind can also be transformed into another form of power that can release energy. People take the motion energy of the wind and transform it into mechanical energy which causes energy release and enables it to power their homes.

Even the motion from our water and the natural fuel from the earth can be used as alternative energy. There are several elements that put our planet in jeopardy, and gaining a better understanding of energy and the reactions it releases can lead us to a better and brighter tomorrow.

Alternative energy is a step in the right direction. Energy release and the reactions created by that release, doesn’t have to be a negative thing, just like energy. We can transform it and take advantage of the positive reactions created by energy’s release. After all, without energy, we wouldn’t exist. Therefore, be grateful for it, but don’t abuse it in the process. Educate yourself on the reactions caused by energy release, and look at your reflection with pride, in knowing that you too have played a role in making this a better world to live in.