Sky Energy Alternative Energy Solar Energy Radiant Energy Wind Energy

For centuries, “sky energy” has fascinated mankind. The sun, stars, moon and wind all have their own  energy and all are in the sky, or seem to be as in the case of wind.  Some civilizations have or still do worship the sun, stars and patterns they see in the sky.  These patterns have helped man learn to navigate his way through vast unknown expanses without losing his direction! It’s no wonder that special attention and admiration have been given to the effort to understand and harness this “sky energy”.

   In ancient Egypt the power of the sun was worshipped in a cult-like fashion because of the power it seemed to have over crops and other commodities. During a period known as the “New Kingdom”

1364 -1347 BC. The sun was thought of as basically the whole universe, illuminating both the living and the dead.

   Harnessing the brightness of the sun has given birth to the solar energy industry by changing the brightness into an electrical charge and using that form of “sky energy” to run various machines, usually

through a combination of solar panels, batteries and inverters.  All these forms of “sky energy” are renewable. Renewable energy is the way to go into the future while we try to ‘wean off’ of fossils fuels.

    Another type of “sky energy” is known as ‘radiant energy’. This involves the heat energy radiating out from the sun being captured, stored and transmitted using ‘radiant energy receivers and generators’. Nikola Tesla is credited for being the “Father of Radiant Energy”. His other experiments and inventions had to do with a generator that absorbed energy for re-use from the ambient energy available all around us. Plenty of evidence points to the turbine-shaped Unipolar Dynamo as being Tesla’s first design for a machine that can continue to produce electricity after being  totally disconnected from any power sources from the outside.

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   Wind is another form of this “sky energy”. Mostly seeming to come out of the sky as in storms, the molecular action of the atmosphere in heating and then cooling again produces motion within the molecules and this motion is what we know as wind. Wind turbines have a long history of helping to harvest this form of “sky energy”, so that once again renewable energy resources complete the cycle!

     The many and varied forms of “sky energy”, have much to offer mankind. These forms of energy are available everywhere on the planet and low cost / high efficiency products have countless possibilities in  the third world where very limited infrastructure exists to bring conventional power to the masses.

“As you read this, millions of people worldwide are in desperate need of a source of fuel for cooking their food. Millions of people live in homes that do not have electric lights, much less appliances that improve the quality of life in all those countless ways that we, in developed countries, take for granted. There are many regions in our world that receive at least 4 kilowatt hours of sunlight per square meter per day. This energy could be used to, say, bake a chicken or boil a stew. You could even power most of your home, except for heating and air conditioning!

     “Sky energy” must be put to use for the benefit of all!