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People always ask, “how is solar power the solution behind our energy crisis?” The response is rather simple. With the sun’s natural light, we can produce more than 50 percent of the energy used on a daily basis by businesses, consumers, and even the military. So how is this concept possible? We first need solar power installation, and then we need to learn how to conserve that renewable energy from the sun. Finally, we may proceed to use the renewed energy responsibly and under the guise that it is free. Businesses account for a substantial amount of electricity every day. While those who produce the energy cannot hold them accountable for energy waste, the business themselves may isolate where the most electricity is used throughout the work day.

The national average is a $350 per kilowatt cash rebate for those who decide to enter the world of free energy. This same rebate is associated with system that connects directly to the power grid or supplements the existing power system through a back-feed. Understand that this is not a simple tax credit; this is $350 check in the mail.

Most utility companies are paying those who sell energy back to the company an average of 5 cents per kilowatt. If you generate 500 kilowatts a day and decide to sell it back to the power company, that is $250 put right back into your pocket! While many businesses are unaware of the savings after solar power installation, consumers may make them aware by installation of their systems today.

The Federal government offers many states a 30 percent solar power tax credit along with the relevant cash rebate. This means that you would receive 30 percent back on yearly federal taxes. Businesses are allowed a five year tax depreciation accelerated write-off post solar energy implementation. This process is nearly impossible to believe in terms of the amount of money to be saved every year by the dependency on electric company generated electricity.

Calculating together the savings of Federal Tax credits, rebates, money made back from the electric company plus associated discounts with installation of solar systems, companies and residents will earn and keep more than 10 percent of money made each month. These figures are staggering and are described in detail with the below referenced articles. Upon review of the articles, the concepts behind the solution of the energy crisis will be more clear to the reader.

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