Uncovering the Significance of Dreams

With the help of a dream dictionary, I think I can put together all the possibilities of a recent dream I had:

I wasn’t “sent” into the cave, so much as I suddenly found myself there. The real world equivalent-is me finding myself in the world. The Allegory of the Cave comes to mind as a comparison.

Having found myself in the world amongst all these other people, I watch as they are sent off on the Hell train or Heaven train by demons or angels (for the sake of an appreciable image, let’s call them that). I believe, however, that the “creatures” are representative of the preachers one may encounter within a church. Some are good, some are evil. Some will help you get to Heaven, some will condemn you to Hell by means of false teachings.

Doubting my own ability to really judge a good preacher from a bad one, I do indeed fear that the wrong choice will put my name on the sign-up sheet for Hell, rather than Heaven. Not that it would automatically mean Hell for anyone who belongs to a corrupt church or is blinded to Truth by a corrupt preacher…but it certainly would be ideal to belong to a righteous and good church led by a righteous and good preacher.

All kinds of parallels could be made to this interpretation. A bad job, a bad husband, all kinds of bad things which appear good, can make life itself a living Hell. Obviously, a sensible person would fear this possibility and prefer the status quo to such a horrible prospect. The problem is, that in my attempt to avoid the horrors of the unknown, this cautious approach to life may prevent me from enjoying the splendor and magnificence of a heavenly life with a fantastic job, wonderful husband, etc.

Thus, I am, in a sense, stuck at the “train station” of life. If I don’t find the courage to entertain the possibilities of life, I will tarry so long at the divergent paths of Frost’s yellow wood that a bear will eat my hesitant form before I step foot to either the east or the west.