Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects Fact or Fiction – Fact

Sub-title: Be Afraid of the Dark

I moved to this small rural town because I wanted to live in the country. After living in Cleveland, Ohio for more than thirty years, and six years in the hub bub of St. Petersburg,  Clearwater and Largo, Florida. I had enough of the cement jungles and wanted to get closer to what God originally created for us. My sister had twenty acres ten miles out of town, and although she was disabled and couldn’t make a working farm out of it, she loved the privacy, scenery and peace that it offered. The town, itself was a small town, population only around four thousand, with a lot of it out on farms and ranches. It was the county seat so the Square uptown with the courthouse was pretty busy for a town of its size.

The shops, businesses and restaurants surrounding the courthouse were owned and operated by residents who had lived here many years. These were the type of people who got to know you by name, and everyone who walked through their doors was a friend or neighbor. There were some specialty shops around, a few repair garages, some small restaurants and fast food places. They used to have two grocery stores, but now only had one, a Walmart, a car lot, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

The main strip was no longer near the square, but had developed down by Walmart, close to the freeway exits. The town, itself was quiet most of the time, with a Church on almost every block, a small library, senior center, and lumber yard. People waved at you as you drove by or walked down the street. It didn’t matter if they knew you or not, they were friendly.

The town also had a history. There had been battles during the civil war fought there. It had these events depicted in scenery painted on the side of some of the buildings uptown on the square. It was peaceful, and quiet, nothing like the cement jungles I lived in most of my life. It had it’s spooky side too. In fact my sister had stated that there probably wasn’t a house in town that was haunted.

My first summer, I felt so at peace and safe, that I actually slept at night with my windows open. Something I hadn’t done for over thirty years. You didn’t do it in the concrete jungle, where houses and apartments are so close, you could crawl in your neighbors windows, but you never knew who might crawl through yours. There wasn’t all the noise from traffic, fights, sirens and people on the street like there was in Cleveland.

So the first year I lived here, I breathed in the country air, explored the surrounding areas and started to settle into a new found peaceful life. My father stayed with me for a time, until he had healed from his heart surgery, and then I met the guy upstairs, fell in love and got married.

Life for the second year was going pretty well. I got laid off, finally applied for disability and was waiting on that decision. We moved to a single house, and settling in, were enjoying the summer. We both loved this rural town with all of its uniqueness. My new found love had lived here for the better part of twenty years and knew everywhere to go. We would go for rides in the country, taking scenic pictures and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

One day, we decided to start taking pictures to put together for a calendar of our sweet, peaceful little town. We decided to start taking pictures around bridges, for there were quite a few of them that were absolutely beautiful, no matter what time of year it was. It was peaceful to just stand on them and watch the water flowing below, listening to the sounds of the birds, frogs and crickets, with the breeze blowing the fragrance of the summer flowers around us.

At one of the bridges, a very beautiful scenic one, we had gotten a good picture of a crane on a branch across the water. We also had a picture of a big blue orb with a tail behind it like a fast traveling meteor. In fact the orb looked like it had swooped down just to be in front of the camera lens. We felt drawn to go back to this bridge several times.

We decided one evening to take a drive, after the sun had set, thinking we might get some pictures there of the animals that come out at night to hunt. We felt drawn to go back there several times at night. I was getting an uneasy feeling about this place. I had clocked the time it took for us to drive the distance going up E. Dakota, out of town past several farms, turning right at the “T”, turning right at 1004, turning right to come back into town, and the whole trip, with a few stops for pictures only took 30 to 45 minutes, but I had noticed on two occasions that we were gone for 2 hours.

At this point I began to wonder if there was something else going on. Since we could not account for the trip taking longer than usual, I decided to take a tape recorder and hide it in the car, thinking maybe we would get noises from the craft, and or aliens, or something supernatural. We took two tape recorders the next night.

We didn’t get a chance to listen to the recordings or look at the pictures for a few days,  because we woke up sick. We had horrible stomach aches and felt like something had been done to us. When we did, there were other voices, other than our own, that of two other males, speaking on the tape. At one point they mentioned something about “recon”, and “they’re ready now”, and “let me in”, along with some sexual remarks. On one of the tapes, Rich was screaming “its coming at me”.

The pictures we got on these two occasions showed what could be a craft, coming down the road toward us, and a figure standing out in front of the car with a elongated leathery head and neck, a large nose and dark, visor like sections where the eyes should have been. There was even one point, where by a fence on an addition to the route we were traveling, I clearly saw a small robotic figure.

We contacted the local chapter of a national UFO investigation group, who immediately called us back to make arrangements to come down. We took them out the same way we had been going and another route we had tried once or twice. At one point they found a hand print in the dust on their car, where no one had touched the car. The woman in charge saw a dark rod with a blue light on the end of it come down right to the top of our jeep. She also saw a bell shape in the sky. Driving down one of the gravel roads, we came to a place, where we stopped in a dip in the road, her car first and our car second, where when stopped, the car and road still seemed to be moving.

Her consensus on the trip, after evaluating everything they heard, saw, talking to us, and looking at our pictures, was that there were several things going on at once. She believed that we had found a portal to another dimension, where there were humans, aliens and supernatural traveling back and forth. A further investigation is planned, with a larger, more investigative team sometime in the near future. This will involve regression, lie detector tests, and more photo visits to the same site.

We live in a small cottage close to the center of town. We have five locks on the back door now, and three locks on the front. We sleep with a fan blocking one door to the bedroom and a table blocking the other. We jump from bed almost anytime we here an unusual sound. When we drive around town, we constantly watch people and cars around us. We very rarely go out of the house after dark. We don’t know what happened to us. We don’t know if it was alien, supernatural or if we were drugged by a group of humans and possible used in ways we would not consciously accept. The fear of what might have happened to us, and not knowing for sure what did has taken a big chunk of our lives. We live with the fact that we may never know.

Yes, I believe in UFO’s. Supernatural, other dimensions and demonic entities. I also believe that our government is fully aware of these occurrences. They happen all over the nation, daily. Many reports of abductions have indicated that there were humans on the ships, working right alongside the aliens, usually several different kinds of aliens, on one ship.