Ufos do Exist

The best evidence that U.F.O.’s exist from my point of view is that I have seen one first hand and not just a series of light formations but a solid silver disk shaped object hanging quite low over the ground and shining six very white lights(like a clear, pure white I have never seen) from its sides; the lights in the bulge or middle being bigger than those tapering to the edges.

This is how it happened. I don’t remember the exact year but am pretty sure it was 1993 when I was walking my dog about a quarter of a mile away from a freeway leading into the city of Melbourne. Australia. It’s amazing how sometimes you are just looking in the right place at the right time and I was. As soon as I spotted it I said to myself that is not a plane by its shape and its not a helicopter and besides its staying in the one place. I realised I was witnessing something quite unique, not only in my history but that of the world as well. This was definitely a very clear sighting even though it did not last for long. It probably stayed only half a minute but what really defined it as a craft from somewhere out there was the way it slowly turned on an angle becoming thinner as it changed angle and presumably shot off; for as far as I was concerned it vanished when it had completed that 45 degree angle turn.

It wasn’t until 1997, when I met and married my wife Jane, who had had experiences of the third kind in South Africa, that it came back into my mind when we were both talking. What made our discussion even more amazing was that she knew about this sighting, as not only myself, but quite a few people had seen this saucer on the same day and it had made the news headlines in Melbourne. Apparently it had been seen out over Port Phillip Bay and a couple travelling along the freeway had had to stop and recover for half an hour as it came very close to them. As we were looking through her collection of videos we came across a program called, “The Extraordinary” and they had run a section on this particular flying saucer. We watched together and lo and behold when the narrator introduced the story he pronounced the same date that I had seen it, so I knew that what I had seen was now on film. I watched in amazement as a Turkish grandfather related his amazing story and again he was in the right place at the right time. He had been videoing his grandchildren in his backyard at Narre Warren, about eight miles from where I had seen it in a northerly direction. He had lost his patience with them and sent them inside to grandma and literally collapsed onto a chair standing outside the brick wall of his laundry. As he collected himself he looked through the viewfinder of his video camera to see if it was still focused and luckily it was, for he captured the most amazing footage of the silver disc traveling slowly through the sky. I mean slowly compared with the speeds these craft can obtain. He thought about 200 miles per hour. I rest my case there absolute conclusive proof and on film. My wife had told me that ridicule can happen if you talk of these things to the wrong people but she certainly had open believing ears due to her experiences.

I need to go back to 1963 as well. That year I was working on the north-east coast of Papua -New-Guinea at a place called Dogura, some twenty miles from a place called Boianai up the coast in a N.E. Direction. In the annals of U.F.O. History and encounters this place is unique. In 1959, a few years before I walked into that same village, the most believable, (yet unbelievable it was so fantastic) encounter in the world had taken place. William Booth Gill was in charge of the mission station here and one night he went outside to witness a saucer with 30 village people. Stephen Moi and 29 others all backed him up as to the truth of this story. Not only did he see it that night but it came back for the next four nights and the most amazing thing about this particular craft was that four beings appeared on top of it. In his drawing they have an all enveloping halo right around their bodies and their bodies were human just like us, not small greys with big black eyes. He got so used to them that on the fourth night he was called by the villagers but finished his dinner before venturing out. But the best is yet to come, on this night he waved and they waved back!As this article is coming from the Australia Pacific area it is unique. Alan Hyneck from America visited Bill Gill and fully believed him giving his experience the highest classification! There have been many sightings along this particular piece of coastline and probably while I was there but I wasn’t in the right place at the right time then. Whilst walking to Boianai I went through another village called Baniara where Father Norman Crutwell ran a similar mission station. He casually threw a book to me and asked if I would like to look at this latest publication,”Flying Saucers Over Papua”. As a young nineteen year old I was fascinated and looked in wonderment as page after page showed photos of white discs. Bill Gill went on to some very reputable teaching jobs and in fact unbeknown to me taught at my son’s school. Norman Crutwell was widely respected as a world authority on U,F.O.’s. What more can I say and my wife had even heard of him. She above all is the best evidence for me that U.F.O.’s exist, as her encounter was even more amazing than anything that I have mentioned here. She actually met and talked to the human like people who walked right through her farm window wall from their two light ships which had landed on her front lawn. She is my wife and I believe everything she says because she is such a good, honest person. I have to go now and sit with her on our deck on the new chair I made for both of us and we are going to look towards the heavens!