Ufos a Scientific Point of View

The human race has been infatuated with the phenomena of UFO activity along with the endless debate over whether or not they exist. From the early Stone Age paintings depicting unusual figures featuring helmets, unusual shaped heads and bodies through to the infamous US Air Force’s Project Blue Book it seems UFOs are a subject we might well consider a science.

Space flight has only been possible since the advent of rockets and the first tentative ventures outside our earth’s atmosphere. Culminating in a moon landing from 1969 our species have not even managed to go much further. Probes launched at various intervals continue their painfully slow journeys where a scant few only recently managed to travel beyond our solar system a feat of many years and of little further relevance given our limitations in communicating over such an immense distance. All of our activities involving space amount to bumbling around without anything meaningful in terms of our own galaxy and what awaits our curious nature.

We live in a galaxy of incredible dimensions where our tiny solar system is one of many millions moreover our galaxy is a relatively small representation of billions more in the known universe. To assume we are the only intelligent life in such a vast universe seems incredibly illogical, life as we know it in our infinitesimally small corner of the galaxy could easily exist many times over yet our chances of encountering life beyond our planet are the point of contention. The tyranny of time and distance define the limitations of science in this realm.

Assume intelligent life exists on a planet within a solar system orbiting our nearest star of five light years away. To make a round trip at light speed is a ten-year venture however we can also assume that our visitors can travel much faster. The problem of time lag between leaving their planet and arriving on ours is a little messy since they would be literally arriving years before departure in relative terms. This is only a short hop given countless millions of solar systems in our galaxy are thousands of light years away from ours.

Science fumbles around the concept of unity between time and space yet little sense of this can be applied in practical terms. Our intergalactic visitors would perhaps require some form of conveyance that negates the effect of time, some form of instantaneous transport however this is in itself an interesting idea for one stark reason why would any advanced life form even notice our world given the light reaching their neighborhood depicts our planet many thousands of years from the past. Conceivably they would be observing prehistoric creatures, ice ages and obviously no civilization.

UFO sightings are too numerous to ignore or consider as fantasy. That contemporary science often scoffs at such reports defies logic and world governments seem to be in some form of collusion regarding the matter of intergalactic visitations. This leads to a pseudo-science thriving on rumor, innuendo, conspiracy theory and counter-conspiracy theory that combined serve to choke off any real means of determining fact from fiction.

Until or unless there is some massive demonstration of alien craft both televised and observed by millions without any form of means of denial it seems there will be no open or main stream element of science concerning UFOs.