Ufos a Scientific Point of View

I am not a scientist so this is not really a scientific point of view, but anyone who watches television or who can read must understand that the Universe is big. It is truly immense, the word that springs to mind is infinite. The earth and the solar system that it is part of is, as you probably know, situated in the Milky Way, a galaxy which may contain according to science between 2-4 billion stars. Likewise the universe has billions or trillions of galaxies stretching away to infinity perhaps. So if you take a scientific point of view into account and consider all this with the “laws of chance” we are not alone.

The real question I think is-have extraterrestrials the technology or the desire to visit this planet? Generally people in first world countries think they are civilized, indeed technology has expanded in leaps and bounds, but the sad fact is according to science the next big step for humanity is Mars.So any race bent on visiting earth must be fairly technologically advanced compared to ourselves. But then according to science they have had plenty of time to evolve if that is what they did. Normally scientists estimate the age of the universe is around 14 billion years old, so considering mankind developed from apes around three million years ago, if evolution is to be believed, any aliens have had plenty of time to evolve along with their technology to visit this planet.

The next big question is connected with conspiracy theory. Are first world governments testing new technology and are people witnessing these events? I would leave this one up to the reader. But all I can say is one must love to love one’s president. Men, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, and sons are dying in Iraq . If any government has such superior technology they must be truly evil. Read Robert Mack’s study (he’s a psychology professor from Harvard University). He talks to and interviews Americans about alien sightings and abduction, according to his essay extraterrestrials appear in peoples dreams, they affect people psychologically. It seems their technology is way above any that is available on this planet- well into the realm of science fiction. A simple and obvious analogy which is often cited and has indeed become a cliche is how humans observe and tag animals on this planet. Often we watch wild life programs on “Discovery'” and are amazed how scientists catch, tag, release, and track animals. Perhaps this is happening to us.