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In the days of Christopher Columbus UFOs were present; its documented. Ancient Egyptian records and pictures depict UFOs plainly. I don’t know what’s so hard accept. Unidentified Flying Objects have been around for as long as we have inhabited the earth. Where do you think we came from? Can “life” come from “death”? I don’t think so! It’s been proven that human beings possess an element in our d n a that is of alien origin. Which simply means it is not of this world. Heck! Discovery channel, National Geographic, and countless other media orientated organizations spend millions of dollars bringing to the world the idea that UFOs are or maybe real. Scientist, archeologists, and professional aviation employees all have something in common, UFOs.

Respected military men and women, police officers, reporters, all have something in common, UFOs. Its plain to see that we as a species are evolving into the next level of our existence and there just may be extraterrestrial help in the cards for us. Our level of intelligence today is only a mere grain of sand on earth compared to the planet Jupiter in regards to how much we really know about life; on a universal scale. Had I not seen a UFO WITH MY OWN TWO EYES I would not be so eager to debate this topic. My experience was a memorable one because I had always been fond of learning about the universe since I was about 5 years old. In New York City, Harlem to be exact is where my sighting took place.

I was fishing at night time on the west side of Harlem in the Hudson River for striped bass and perch. I had two friends with me, BooBoo and Mr. Rob and older gentlemen. They were standing about 6ft. or so behind me, I was leaning on the rail where I had my fishing pole standing straight up into the night sky. If I wanted to know if I had a bite, I had to keep my eyes on the tip of my pole which gave me a definite view of the starry sky. While staring at the tip of my pole I noticed that the stars began to slowly wave and take a triangular like form. Naturally, I rubbed my eyes and dismissed what I thought I just saw and looked back up at my pole. This time, the shape was still there and growing larger. It was like a mountain laying sideways but invisible moving slowly westward across the Hudson River to New Jersey. My breath was taken and I couldn’t speak.

I wanted to get the guys attention but, I didn’t want to take my eyes off of this invisible thing moving across the sky. I literally had to muster up strength to yell, “Look!” I pointed in the direction of the ship but because it was invisible, they couldn’t see it. They said, “what?” I said, “look!” I turned to look myself again and I barely caught it in my sight, it slowly disappeared over on the New Jersey side. Did I call anyone? No. Was I affected by what I saw? Yes. Are UFOs a fact to me? Yes. Today, ufology is a passion of mines, I hope it becomes a passion to the rest of the world so the U.S. GOVERNMENT can stop hiding the FACT, UFOS ARE REAL AND THEY ARE HERE!