Unidentified Flying Objects are multi-faceted mysteries. Many authors have explored the UFO enigma. Some have speculated that UFOs represent interplanetary craft, while others approach the subject from a more exotic viewpoint, giving thought to the theories of inter-dimensional beings. Regardless of what theories are supported, the fact is, UFOs are a real phenomenon and have captured the imaginations of people from all walks of life.

The historical record does not support that all UFOs, especially those of the disk-shaped variety, are conventional, earth-based flying machines. Saucers have been seen as far back as the early forties, maybe even before. The documentation trail exploring the origin of flying disks, even the triangular UFOs, convinces me that SOME of these objects are extraterrestrial. The evidence supports this theory, unless some startling revelation occurs announcing and PROVING that these craft are conventional, secret projects.

In order to look at the subject with a truly unbiased eye requires one to disengage in the ideology of belief versus disbelief in UFOs. These objects are real and unidentified. Are any of these craft extraterrestrial? If so, what is their purpose on this planet? The data suggests that these beings, maybe more than one race, have been observing us for over a hundred years, possibly longer, and that after the atomic testing in 1945 their surveillance of ICBM sites and other nuclear facilities has increased. There is enough documentation from military and civilian witnesses to argue this case (see www.nicap.org.

My best guess on where some UFOs come from would have to be our own solar system. Sure, scientists will argue that no planet other than earth can sustain life. That may be true, but an advanced species would be able to create an artificial environment on almost any planet or moon. There is a lot of speculation that these extraterrestrials have colonized Mars and/or our moon. Perhaps they have been here since our inception on this planet? They may be using advanced robotics, a mix of biology and technology, to send emissaries out into the cosmos to keep watch on developing planets, especially ones that have creatures who are playing around with nuclear weapons.

We cannot use science alone to solve the riddle of the UFO enigma. We must use our imaginations to expand our awareness of what could be, not what is. A hundred years ago, if you were to tell a person that they would be able to receive messages via e-mail from one end of the earth to the other, they would not be able to grasp that concept. It would be alien’ to them. If I told you today that in the next fifty years man will be able to travel in a craft beyond the speed of light, it would sound almost impossible, incomprehensible. We are only limited by our imaginations.

Conclusion: Some unidentified flying objects represent extraterrestrial spacecraft/probes. They have been observing for a long time. This is my interpretation of the evidence at hand.