Like it or not, some people will own and drive a fossil fueled vehicle and/or vehicles for as long as they live. Such modes of transportation might not be regularly used by people for the purpose of simply getting around but there will be many collectors who will occasionally drive such a vehicle just for the fun of it.

More than a few “Green Friendly” people will certainly be quite unhappy about that true fact. Then again, if those huge multinational oil companies went out of business because all of the crude oil was burned and now Mankind is making and using some other kind of energy source all of those fossil fuel powered vehicles will be nothing more than on display within a museum and/or a person’s private collection.

For as long as I live gasoline and other fossil fuels will still be available for purchase by some people. Then again, the cost per gallon of such fuel during some time within the future is a complete mystery to me. At this very moment some person is making crude oil within a laboratory and it is quite possible that such oil will be available within some time in the future.

Believe it or not, jet powered aircraft, as well as those propeller powered planes, use a whole lot of fuel. It is more likely that that such aircraft will no longer be flying while some people are still driving around in their antique mode of transportation.

Alcohol is a fossil fuel, or at least it is made from carbon based raw materials. It is entirely possible that some from of alcohol will power the fossil fuel powered modes of transportation of the future. So far, the only truly practical way to travel is within a fossil fuel powered vehicle. Even those hybrid vehicles are also fossil fuel powered, and you better believe that they will be in use for a mighty long time.

Come to think of it, as long as Mankind is healthy and alive fossil fuel powered vehicles will continue to be driven for one reason or another. You can also believe that the jet aircraft of the future will be burning some kind of fuel that was created by a carbon based substance. It could be vegetable matter, oil shale and/or some combination of those two and some other element.

Then again, I am not a seer into the future and new products are constantly being invented and/or created. Some of those products will become practical modes of transportation and some will simply be discarded for something better that will be invented.

In that regard, hydrogen will be the practical fuel for the near future. That you can believe and it is being used within some vehicles that are fuel cell powered or within engines that produce power simply by burning the hydrogen.