Tornadoes are powerful storms. Other than Antarctica, they have been reported in all continents on Earth. As the country of the United States experiences the most tornado frequency yearly (more than one thousand tornadoes on average), in previous years, hundreds of victims worldwide have died from those twisting cyclones. The tornado death toll, however, can certainly decrease across the globe if everyone have the opportunity to pay attention to weather warnings provided by weather offices and take necessary precautions as desired.

Weather agencies should always let you know in advance of a possibility of severe weather, including tornadoes. If your area weather forecast calls for a chance of tornadoes, don’t be surprised if a severe weather or tornado watch is issued. A “watch” is defined as a possibility of severe weather such as high winds and large hail, and sometimes that includes tornadoes. Be sure that you pay attention to your local news station or radio station for further updates on the severe storms.

If a tornado happens to be nearby in your area, or your local weather office should issue a “tornado warning,” weather sirens should blare loud enough to tell residents to find shelter. Go inside immediately. A storm cellar is the best place to take cover in case of any tornadoes. Basements are great as well. If you can’t find a storm cellar or basement, go to the lowest level of a building and stay there until the tornado passes. Hide under a heavy table or in a well-secluded hallway. Wherever you go, crouch down to your knees, with arms covering the back of your neck to protect yourself from falling objects. For greater security, use a blanket to cover yourself. Always stay away from windows as you are taking cover.

For outdoor tornado safety, find a well-visible, low ditch. Lie on your stomach and use your arms to protect your neck from any flying debris. Under no circumstances should you use overpasses or bridges for shelter. The tornado winds will only be strong enough to sweep you away from the bridge.

Tornadoes are definitely one of nature’s number one killers in the world. But by staying in touch with tornado safety tips, you can indeed keep yourself safe from tornadoes. Create a family plan in advance to make sure that you and your family will know where to go and what to do in case a tornado hits your community.


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