Top 10 Inventions in Energy and Mechanics

Inventions in energy and mechanics have certainly been the driving force of the world. For centuries, mankind has worked to provide the means to provide machinery that would aid in everyday life, and the energy to power them.

1. Probably one of the most important and least considered inventions of mankind was the wheel. This valuable invention enabled mankind to move objects, and himself, from place to place.

2. The use of steam to power various machines has been around for a couple of thousand years, but once it was applied to practical uses, it powered trains, some early vehicles, and certainly provided the world with the Industrial Revolution. The use of steam turbines still provides the power to generate electricity.

3. The combustion engine is an invention that enabled inventors to create everything from transportation vehicles to tools. Boats, cars, planes and some tools use this technology.

4. Of course, many of the conveniences that we have today would not be possible without electricity. This energy source has endless applications, and without it, many other innovations could not operate.

5. Hydroelectric power was developed early on as an energy producer, using natural resources.

6. Nuclear power is one of the newest of the energy creations. It has become an important source of power throughout the world.

7. Solar power is not a new idea, since the sun has always been an important source of energy, and heat, however, the development of solar panels to heat homes and water for the average home or business has only been around for the last several decades. Solar is now used to recharge batteries and power everything from flashlights to cars.

8. The wind turbine is another power source that is not new. Farmers used the wind to pump water, long before the age of electricity. Now, however, turbines produce power to provide electricity for both the average home and entire communities.

9. Compact fluorescent light bulbs may not seem as life changing as some of the other inventions of the past, but they have been responsible for saving a great deal of energy since they became popular.

10. Robotics may not be an energy saver in most cases, but they are certainly one of the most useful of the mechanical creations in recent times. Used for everything from medical treatment to exploration and work related tasks, this technology makes it possible for mankind to complete jobs that would be either too intricate or too dangerous otherwise.

It is fairly safe to say that the list of innovative techniques and inventions will continue to grow. Mankind will always find new ways to use technology to get jobs done and new energy sources to power the machinery needed.