Tips for Saving Energy how to Save Energy how to Lower your Carbon Footprint Save Energy

In today’s modern world many people are concerned about the environment. We hear talk of our carbon footprint and are constantly being told to cut back on the amount of energy we use. Couple this with the fact that people are trying to save money and reduce their energy bills and you start to wonder exactly what you should be doing to save energy. So now follow a few top tips to help you save energy.

Don’t Leave Appliances On Standby – Many modern day appliances have standby settings on them. If you have several items on standby all at once it soon mounts up. Unplug your TV, computer and other electrical items when they are not in use, doing this will save you a great deal of electricity.

Think About Lighting – Turn off your lights when you are not in a room, make this a habit you get into. Use florescent lighting as this uses less power. Use less lights, instead of having all the lights on in a room, can you just use a simple table lamp? Always think about the lights you are using.

Don’t Be Wasteful – When using some appliances think about waste. For instance, why use your washing machine for a half load? Make sure it’s full before you use it. The same goes for if you insist in using dishwashers or dryers. When boiling the kettle, only use the amount of water you need, otherwise this wastes power. If you use an electric shower, don’t spend ages in there, get yourself clean then shut off the water. You may even be able to hand wash the dishes or hand your clothes out on the line, this will save you lots of energy.

Use Nature – When it comes to heating your house, take advantage of nature. If it’s a cold sunny day, open the blinds and let the sunlight heat the room. If it’s hot and sunny, close the blinds so the sun does not make the room to hot. Open windows to cool a room, or make sure windows are closed to keep a room warm. Always use your heating and your A/C as a last resort.

Insulate Your House – Much heat can escape from your home if you do not properly insulate. The biggest area of concern is your attic. Make sure this is properly insulated as this is where most heat escapes. Also fit draught excluders on your doors and make sure the seals on your windows are tight and well fitted. If you can feel a draught, work out where it is coming from and deal with the problem. This will mean you don’t use your heating as much and consequently save energy.

Energy On Driving – This is an area where we use a great deal of energy. Can you drive less by walking or cycling? Why not get involved in car pooling when going to your place of work. Make sure your car is economical and running well to reduce fuel consumption. Drive at a slower speed as this will burn far less fuel and help to save energy.

These tips are all very simple and easy to follow. There is nothing in there that will mean you have to change the way you live, most of the ideas are just simple common sense. Following these will mean that you really lower your carbon footprint and help save the environment. Not only this, but you will also find you are saving money on your energy bills. With a little patience and determination, we can all save energy and help save our planet!