Energy Saving Tips Green Energy Save Energy Save Money Energy Saving Light Bulbs

There is a close relationship between global warming and rising costs of electricity. Our reliance on fossil fuel to provide electricity in our homes is a major contributor of green house gas into the atmosphere. The massive amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere creates an imbalance in the climatic system thereby causing climate change.

We can all help to slow down climate change through energy saving which will in turn help us reduce our electricity and fuel bills. Energy saving comes into two form; one that could require some investments and the other a change of lifestyle.

However, the best energy saving tips is those that require no extra expenditure but a simple change in habit.
Make it a habit to switch off room light when you leave the room. Do not put electrical products like TV and computer on standby when not in used. Switch the power off completely as energy is consumed even though the machine is on standby.
Switch to Energy saving light bulb as they last 10 times longer and uses less than 80% of energy than ordinary light bulb.
Save water by using low flow showerheads which uses up to 60% less water than conventional showers.
Water heaters hold water maintained at a constant temperature. The water sits in your tank for a long time before it gets use and it continue to consume energy. Turn down the temperature if the water heater is not expected to be used for a while.
Keep door and window shut at all times when heating or cooling homes. Check for drafts and leaks as it causes loss of air and it will take a longer time for homes to be heated or cooled. More energy is also needed as the heater or air conditioning system has to work harder to regulate the right temperature for the house. Sometimes drafts and leak problem can be solved by simply sealing the area with foam or tape.

Reduce use of machine for gardening as much as possible. For example, use a push mower for your lawn and manually rake leaves in the garden instead of machines. You not only reduce your electricity bills, it is a good form of exercise too.

Use solar power lights for your garden and to create light for the front of the house. Solar power is a source of energy that is in inexhaustible and it does not cause harm to the atmosphere.

Wash your clothes on a full load to maximize energy usage. If possible dry clothes naturally instead of using the tumble dryer.

Regular maintenance of your car will increase its efficiency and prevent unnecessary high fuel consumption. When driving, accelerate slowly and smoothly and maintain a steady speed. Irregular driving speed creates more combustion and consumed more fuel.

Accumulate your shopping at one go and if possible walk or take a bus to the shops instead of driving.

Every effort made in saving energy will not only help to slow down global warming, it will also help you save money.