Time Travel will Exist – Yes

Time travel the dream of many people will exist one day.

Just look at so many innovations that were created in these last hundred years which you would not have dreamed of as becoming reality or believed that it will ever exist and existed partially in science fiction books only.

If we go through the list you will find from electricity, through phones to cell phones, planes, cars, television, Internet and so many other ways of communication. All these inventions have been found and created in the last hundred years. Look also at medicine and how it has evolved in incredible ways including the machinery to find illnesses and growths as well as other challenges.

Look at the stories of Jules Verne where he speaks of submarines and rockets and today they exist. At the time if you would have said they will exist, people would have told you that you are crazy and would have put you in a mental hospital. Look at Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions.

Should we pursue time travel and be able to go backwards and forward in time, in fact be able to change the past and the future, the answer is that I fear this will be misused and as such I would prefer to say a big NO. There will be underworld factions fighting to get this machinery and they will misuse it unfortunately, the same with governments that will be spying in order to build their own machine.

Can you imagine, certain things that happened in the past being changed sometimes major events and their implication suddenly in the future and the changes it can do? They can be in business on the stock exchange; they can be to stop certain wars, to change certain errors even certain family events.

The same with the future, where you can see what will happen in the future and bring it back with you in time and then use that information which will change your future. Therefore it will need to be regulated very carefully so that no one will be able to make changes that are unwanted.

Time travel can be found and will be found soon, in fact as science evolves we will find more and more new ways including time travel. It has to do with speed and probably we will need to increase our travel speed to more than light speed.

We speak of black holes, of Bermuda triangle and many other ways where objects can disappear and we know so little but the future will teach us more and more. We will find ways of building a time machine and we will need to be very careful how we use it.